Yin Feng Shui

In general, when we talk about Yin Feng Shui, the first thing that comes to mind is that these practitioners conduct feng shui on graveyard, burial grounds columbarium, etc. But is this all Yin Feng Shui Practitioners do?

Here, I will share with you the insides of Yin Feng Shui and what these Yin practitioners do besides doing feng shui on the dead.

There are not many Yin Feng Shui practitioners out there due to they being have to be low profile and stricter rules and regulations imposed on them for their practice.

Introduction of Yin Feng Shui

Under the practice, for a practitioner to go into Yin practices, he must be an expert in all areas in Yang practices (eg. Flying stars method, bazhi, eight mansion, purple star astrology, etc.) before going into Yin practices. Once he steps into Yin practice, there is a requirement for him to throw all the feng shui knowledge (he had learned in Yang Feng Shui) away and start afresh. Another requirement for this practitioner is that he must be spiritually inclined ie. he must deal with spirits around him.

If not, how is he going to conduct graveyard feng shui?

So what does a Yin practitioners do?

Graveyard Fengshui – Fengshui an ancestor’s graveyard or niche to fine tune the luck of the descendants. This will be further discussed in due course.

Residential and Commercial Fengshui – Same as an Ordinary Yang Feng Shui. What Yin practitioners do more than the Yang practitioners are as mainly follows (I only share with you the common ones):-

Sabotage / Break a premise’s Feng Shui

Lets face reality. Everyday in life we face competition – The strongest survive. Take example there are two restaurants (A and B) facing each other in a mall both selling the same food, same quality and everything you can think of is the same. However, lets assume that B is having good business while A is having a lousy business. Psychologically, A wants B’s share of business whereas B wants A to be out of the mall as A poses some kind of threat to B.

If A hires a Yang practitioner to fengshui A’s restaurant. What this Yang practitioner does is to build up A’s fengshui to be strong such that A is able to bring in more customers. If B’s fengshui is stronger, then A’s fengshui has to be stronger in order to win. If A’s fengshui become stronger, then B wants to be stronger, hire another practitioner and the cycle repeats itself.

If A hires a Yin practitioner (who does not dress in flashy fengshui attire to let the whole world knows that he is a Feng Shui master and as he keeps low profile, he is not well known), this Yin practitioner will go to B’s restaurant, assess or spy on B’s fengshui. Next, he will sabotage / break B’s fengshui. Then when he fengshui A’s restaurant, he will fengshui in a manner in A to “attack” B and “steal” B’s fengshui (business / customers).

I am unable to discuss the methods of sabotage / breaking a premise’s Fengshui here as it is very technical, and it takes maybe a three year course to understand these methods.

Feng Shui a Premise in a Yin way

A Yang practitioner may at times use those symbolical items such as rhinos, elephants, roosters, etc.; construct some kind of wall to block here and there; do some renovation, etc. to fengshui a premise. In the end, the premise is in good fengshui status but the premise may end up being a mini zoo.

As for Yin practitioner, if they use symbolic items (eg. A small mirror, magnifying glass, stationaries, coins, etc.), they will hide them in places like cupboards, drawers, etc. to fengshui the place. They may purposely place some yang fengshui items wrongly with intention to bluff the neighour’s fengshui practitioner. In other words, the Yin practitioner may purposely place a wrong item in an attention-catching spot so that when the neighours hire a Feng Shui “Master”, this “Master” will misinterpret his client’s neighbour thinking that his client’s neighour did not see feng shui or does the fengshui in a wrong manner – This is to let the Master feel over confident as over confident leads to failure.

There is this saying regarding Yin practitioner. They are poorer than Yang practitioner as they are not well known and can’t sell all those expensive ornaments to make huge profits.

Must be spiritual inclined

I will just briefly touch on this issue. Lets take the same example of Restaurant A and B (B being having a good business). There are occasions when B does not employ fengshui, but instead B employs Black Magic – either Toyol or Mao Shan. In order to sabotage this area of spiritual stuff, this Yin practitioner must be spiritually inclined.

Whether to share with you regarding Black Magic under stories in the future, I am unsure. The reasons are because they are spiritual in nature and I may be unable to explain them in a logical and scientific. I can only share with you what Black magic is and how they work, what they can do, etc.

I may appreciate if you can let me know if you all are interested in the topic Black Magic and it really is, please post comments below stating that you are interested.

Next, I will share with you what are the rules and regulations that govern Yin Fengshui practioners and Graveyard Fengshui. Please “stay tuned”……

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, signing off.

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