Yin Feng Shui – The Shadow Warrior (Introduction)

This story is a continuation of Yin Feng Shui – The Entering Phase and Yin Feng Shui – Stage 2

The purpose of those 2 above stages (stories) is to let the Yin Feng Shui practitioner to be a “Shadow Warrior”. Because of the Yin practitioner’s speciality of camouflage, hide in darkness and sabotaging skills, the trained Yin practitioner normally “moves in the shadows of the clients” for any instructions to be done as instructed by clients.

E.g. helping a client to clinch a deal with his customers, sabotaging competitor’s feng shui, secretly reading client’s customers’ / staff’s mindsets, protecting client from being sabotaged, etc.

Thus, this also explains why a Yin practitioner should also keep low profile. This practitioner can accompany his client carrying out instructions while posing as the client’s boyfriend, manager, staff, etc. In other words, the Yin practitioner is performing its Yin activities without alerting the other party. However, if a client brings a Yin practitioner to meet a person whom also brought along another Yin practitioner, our code of conduct tells us “not to do funny patterns” to each other and each other’s clients.

A person’s most yin area is his shadow.

So Yin practitioners are trained to “hide in the client’s shadow” and carries out defense and attacks while coming in and out of the “shadow”.

Have a good Yin practitioner by your side

Give you a real life failed case:

Once upon a time many many many years ago, there were 2 Yin practitioners named Fatty and Venn. Both of them tried the method of being in each other’s shadow protecting each other’s back. Then things turned horribly wrong. Fatty became disabled and Venn, whom might had been trying to protect Fatty while Fatty is being injured, died. And Fatty could no longer trace Venn’s shadow’s whereabouts.

Should the conclusion be Yin practitioners cannot the one another’s shadow warrior? I don’t know and I will never ever walk in another Yin practitioner’s shadow and also will not allow one Yin to walk in my shadow. Post trauma stress disorder. Whether this is the right conclusion to be made I am unsure. Cos only one case, it cannot represent the whole. There is no source of precedents of similar cases. Let this Fatty and Venn be the precedent ba. If any Yin practitioners try out and have the same result, just write it and you may also used mine as references.

Nonetheless, this purpose of this story is to introduce the existence of the stage where a Yin trainee has to undergo – being a Shadow Warrior.

More in depth on this topic will be discussed further when time comes.

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As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, in a broad daylight, signing off…

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