Yin Feng Shui – The Entering Phase

Today’s story will touch on an overview of the second stage after the Entering Phase. It somehow brings you a short tour in the Yin practice.

Before reading on, please do read the story on Yin Feng Shui – The Entering Phase for a recap.

For the readers who know me as a Feng Shui or Buddhahood practitioner, you may treat this story as my experience; For those who know me as an Accountant or a friend, please treat it as a fictional story.

The introduction and overview of Stage 2:

Embrace Darkness.

Once again, Yin is the opposite of Yang. As we normal human beings are more favorable to the Yang side, we are not so receptive to Yin or Darkness. Well, just read it with an open mind to understand the Yin Feng Shui practice.

Why is Darkness so important to us in Yin practice?

Darkness can humble a person’s character. In darkness, a person can understand the feeling of being “handicapped” as he is unable to see. Before Yin practice, a practitioner must be a Yang practitioner. During Yang practitioner’s time, things are being done under the sun or light so that they can use equipment like luopan (compass), charts, formulas, etc. to perform all kind of feng shui activities. But what happens during the dark, they are practically “handicapped”. Thus Yin practitioners must be trained to perform their feng shui activities in darkness without any equipment. This training is important so that during the day time, a Yin practitioner can still perform all feng shui activities even without any equipment. This is an art of camouflage – to disguise oneself from being known that he is a feng shui practitioner.

Furthermore, darkness prevent a person from seeing things – so darkness helps a practitioner to be more sensitive in their other senses especially the sixth sense. Darkness is also a low frequency environment – It somehow also affects the practitioner’s mind to be low frequency so that he can get “linked up” to the third and forth dimension of the universe.

Darkness can also increase bravery. Ask around…. About 101% of normal human beings are afraid of darkness. Thus by throwing a beginner yin practitioner into darkness, they can be more toughen up and their fear factor will decrease over time.

Next, in darkness, they are able to practice to lay “traps” and to detect “traps” that were being laid. This is to promote the sportsmanship of yin practitioners – They know how to lay traps and also being abled to detect laid traps. In the world of Yin Feng Shui, all Yin practitioners have this code of conduct that they are not supposed to hurt or sabotage each other after they graduated from the school(s) of Yin practice training. In other words, they won’t sabotage one another. Let me illustrate. If my neighbor is being feng shui-ed by a Yin practitioner, I (being another Yin practitioner) will detect the traps set by him and thus will transfer the traps to a further boundary so that the neighbor and my feng shui is considered as one (united) and we sabotage other neighbours.

Well, this is only in theory. Practically, I make no comments. Come and join in the fun whenever you all are prepared

However, during the training period, the training method is very unlike of the Yang Feng Shui. Nowadays, the modern Yang feng shui training is that they break up into groups after learning a Yang feng shui method, discuss among themselves, do some research and perform case studies, etc. and get the same result where they deem that they find the right answer or right way of the method and they lived happily ever after. Then they will promote that they found the correct way and then share with other practitioners and the cycle carries on and on. In Yin practice, this is total opposite. Trainees (Yin) learn through the hard way – ie. no group – only individual. If in a group, they will try to sabotage each other and the person who “survived” the sabotage or able to sabotage the most trainees, he or she is the winner. And of course, he or she won’t share the way – he or she will just keep the way as her method and continues to train on and sabotage each other again.

Hmmm…. If training encourages sabotaging one another and yet after “graduation”,  the code of conduct tells us not to sabotage one another. Hmmm………. Hahahahahahaha! I also don’t know how to say. But it is all up to the individual Yin practitioner whether to follow the code. Frankly speaking, to my surprise, yin practitioners practically do not sabotage one another; cases are rear. If they ever meet one another, they will normally be “in good terms”. My feel is that we feel honored to have undergone all the tough Demon training and we respect each other’s abilities and furthermore we are the minority.

Finally, darkness can train you to “Hide”. Hide your feelings, camouflage, disappearing (lost contact), detachment, etc. can be trained in darkness. I will illustrate this in the next story – “The Days after I lost my legs”. It may be a sad story so get ready tissue papers.. hahaha!!!!

“Hiding” – this can let you differentiate what kind of practitioners they are – yin or yang. If they are yang practitioners, they can be easily noticed – They advertise lavishly, like to show off their showcase e.g. what are the big clients they have serviced (feng shui) before, take photographs with celebrities, terming themselves as “number one”, best, etc.

For Yin practitioners, all the above are illegal. And the Yin practitioners are not easily being noticeable. They normally camouflaged themselves by having another profession such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, etc. Well, I am just a story teller who is a mouth piece for the Late Venn – Just to carry out her wish. She wished that the way and essence of Yin practice continues generation after generation. So this crippled fat ccfong is just her mouthpiece. Hehehehehehehe….. He just want to get support so to continue his wheelchair triathlete dream

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Well, today’s story is a little too technical and dry but is just an introduction and overview of the Yin Feng Shui practice.

Please stay tuned for more interesting stories.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, switching off the lights, embracing the darkness so that he can have a good sleep, signing off.

*********************Good Night and sign off********************