Yin Feng Shui Practice – For a new deceased

Apologies again for the long delay of new stories as I was out of town to perform a Yin Feng Shui on a friend whom had passed on. I have clearance from the daughters of my friend to write a story about my friend. I may need the weekend to do the write-ups and will upload the story on next Monday.

Will do a brief introduction on Yin Feng Shui (For a new deceased) in this story.

Well, these are the steps to follow as a full pledged Yin Feng Shui practitioner:

During the funeral wake,

– Look at the body in the coffin after embalmment and maintain 10 sec of silence to show respect to the deceased.

– Perform “Venn’s Love” communication: To access the deceased’s emotions, any worries, requests, etc.

– Keep in mind that Yin Feng Shui practice is not just for the alive, it is also for the deceased. In other words, it is a good practice for the practitioner to comfort the deceased and also to “guide” him in the “Yin” world.

– At all times, no personal emotion is allowed for the Yin feng shui practitioner.

Choosing the burial ground or niche

– Too technical to be discussed here on how to choose a good Feng Shui niche or burial ground.

– The importance of the feng shui of the niche or burial ground is great as its impacts on the descendants’ luck – 2 generations down – i.e. the deceased’s children and grand children.

– As the practitioner is responsible to choose a good spot, he bears all responsible if he chooses a lousy one and advice the descendant that it is a good spot. – Karma effect.

– So please do not perform any Yin Feng Shui if you are not being trained adequately.

During the Funeral service (出殡)

– At all times, you are the Yin Feng Shui practitioner. If the deceased is your friend, you must still always maintain yourself as a practitioner – a third party. Thus, a Yin Feng Shui practitioner cannot walk the round of the coffin to have the final view on the body before the coffin is closed and nailed. This is to prevent any unnecessary emotions arising.

– When the coffin is being carried, always let the family members and relatives to walk ahead and follow them behind.

– Make sure when the body is either being cremated or buried, sound out if the timing is not suitable. Else, if no crash on the timing, please stand one side and observe quietly.

Go for lunch. hehehehehehehe.

-For cremation, 2 to 3 hours, go and collect the bones. Observe and sound out if timing is not suitable.

– Let the relative put the urn into the niche.

– Then adjust the urn in the niche to achieve a good feng shui.

End of Job. At this material time, the practitioner can have personal emotions. I will write more on the emotions part in the next story – Stay tuned!

Well, yin practitioners are still human after all, they have emotions. Hence, controlling of emotions is still very important. Thus, the training of detachment, vegetarianism, meditation, etc are very very important. Not easy

After the performance of Yin Feng Shui, the practitioner may refrain himself from going to other people’s house for at least 2 days. And they will sleep and rest and exercise to regain the “Yang energy” or “Yuan Qi” in the body.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, recharging his Fat oily Yuan Qi back into his body, signing off.

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