Yin aspect of Feng Shui

This story is to answer a question post by Tun on 27th March 2013 at 2.10pm on the “Post a Question” section.

Quote of the question: “Enjoyed reading all your stories. Can you elaborate more on the yin fengshui for residential & commercial please?”

Here in this story, I will give a brief overview on the Yin Aspect of Residential and commercial feng shui and subsequently in the following stories, I will elaborate more in depth into the resident and commercial feng shui.

What is Feng Shui and how are they important to us?

Feng Shui ranks 3rd in our life. 1st is life, 命 – meaning to say the state you are being born. In other words, if you are born with a golden spoon, you may enjoy a good life, etc. 2nd is luck, 运 – every one of us have a luck cycle. Sometimes we are lucky and sometimes we are not. And here comes the 3rd that is feng shui.

As the life and luck is beyond our control, we can only adjust our feng shui to either support or “boost” our life and luck. In other words, if you are in a down luck cycle, feng shui helps to support you and will prevent you from a huge fall (ie. feng shui provides a base for you); and if you are experiencing good luck cycle, feng shui can help you to boost your luck further.

What are the feng shui that we need to adjust?

They are namely, country feng shui, commercial (office) feng shui and residential feng shui.

Country feng shui – This is important as country serves as a terrain for every one of us to grow, survive, etc. If a country is in good shape (feng shui), the people residing in it will enjoy prosperity. If a country is in bad shape, no matter how good the feng shui of your commercial and resident are, you will still be suffering. Hence Country feng shui is the ultimate feng shui we must adjust. However, I will not be elaborating into Country feng shui due to its highly technical in nature and it is sensitive.

Commercial feng shui – Office acts like a tool for us to earn our wealth. Thus an office or your workstation or rooms, etc must be in a good feng shui state so that you are fit and ready to battle in the commercial world. 商场如战场. In an office, the feng shui (under yin feng shui) must take into account of the stance (position) of these important departments – Sales, Marketing, Surveyors (Spies), Human Resource, Accounts and Finance, and Director. This will be elaborate further in later stories.

Residential feng shui – This is an important factor as your house helps you to keep the wealth you earn and also a place for you to rest and recuperate after a long day of war (I mean work). Commercial feng shui acts as a fighting tool while Residential feng shui acts as a base and helps increase one’s luck.

These three above-mentioned premises’ feng shui must be adjusted to a good shape so that one can enjoy abundance of prosperity and if other environmental factors such as economy turns bad, we are able to pull through all obstacles and welcome prosperity again when things change for the better.

In the next few stories, I will elaborate more in depth on residential and commercial fengshui. Please stay tuned for more…..

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