Yin and Yang

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Today’s story is to answer Christina’s question on “Post a Question” on 25th April 2013.

The quote of her question was:

“What is the difference between Yin Fengshui and Yang Fengshui? This is the first time I have heard of Fengshui being categorized as Yin or Yang. Thanks!”

Thank you Christina for your question.

Well, I will answer the question by using an overview of both Yang and Yin Fengshui.

In layman’s term, Yang Fengshui is about fengshui-ing the premises like houses and offices whereby the living Humans normally reside in while on the other hand, Yin Fengshui is about fengshui-ing the dead like graveyard, cemetery, etc.

That’s not all – It’s merely just an example.

Below is written based on my practice on Yang and Yin Fengshui. You may also refer to the previous stories I wrote regarding Yin Fengshui.

Yang Fengshui will touch on things that are “visible” to naked eyes and they will normally follow and apply a methodology to conduct fengshui and life reading. Some examples of methodologies Yang practitioners follow are flying star, eight mansion, purple star astrology, bazi, etc.

Yin Fengshui, on the other hand, will touch on the things that are “invisible” to the naked eye. Examples of things that are “invisible”: ghosts, spirits, blackmagics, paranormal activities, psychic, subconscious mind and many more.

Furthermore, instead of following those methodologies to conduct fengshui and life reading, they (the yin practitioners) break away from these methodologies. In addition, the yin practitioners dissect these methodologies and examine these methodologies that were once created by a Grandmaster long long long time ago. Yin practitioners do not like to follow methodologies but instead they come out with their own way / style of conducting fengshui.

Of course, ultimately, the fengshui practitioners must have a combination of both Yin and Yang to be appreciative of Fengshui as a whole and conduct its profession in both Yin and Yang manner.

However, in this ccfong.com, I will focus more on the Yin Fengshui aspect as it is not being discussed widely due to its low profile in nature and also because our practice is on the “invisible” side of things, when we discuss, people may call us “something wrong”. Furthermore, it is my partner Venn’s wish to have our yin practice to be documented down and keep it “like a manual”. She passed away so I have to carry on her wish

<To understand more about Yang fengshui, there are plenty of books in the market to describe about Yang fengshui. Thus, I am not repeating all the same theories of yang aspect of viewing the universe in ccfong.com – I hope for your understanding>

Scientifically if I have to compare as close proximity as possible to science, yin practitioners are just like my idol of all time: Albert Einstein.

My personal opinion – He may have seen what we have not see. Example we are just like the yang practitioners, we follow science formulas to get our answers to physical things. Whereas, Albert Einstein broke away from these formulas and dissect them and created his own formula that is also one of our formula E=MC2 that is proven to be true.

I respected him as he had formulated the formula that calculates Energy (Energy = Mass X Speed of Light squared). Did any fengshui practitioners (whom we always claim that we specialize in handling energy in fengshui) at that era think of this formula?

Yes, Yin practitioners do play with the speed of light (that will be further discussed in further stories) but lets take me for example, would I be able to think of a really fast speed as in squaring the whole speed of light? I admit: No.

Furthermore, Albert Einstein supported the idea of vegetarian and he was a vegetarian during the last year of his life. So a vegetarian support another vegetarian? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

This story is also an introduction to my next story which I am going to write and it is to tackle Anonymous’s question on the story “Mind – Conscious and subconscious (introduction)”. Have a read on the question. The next story will be on the topic “TIME”.

Stay tuned for more interesting stories.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, watching the movies “Inception” and “Matrix”, signing off. ***************************sign off******************************