Why is Yin practitioner “not being serious”?

I’m in the plane again and nothing to do so write stories again…… Today’s topic hopefully can answer to your biggest query – Why am I (or all other Yin practitioners) “not serious”?.

During my many years of practice, many of you have asked and wondered why I do not behave like a serious Feng Shui master (practitioner), does not dress like one (always wear cartoon shirts and informal dressing), act like a fool – always post rubbish in my social media, etc.

Does any other Yin practitioners practice the same thing as in put on the same act?

For other Yin practitioners, I do not know – so far I met with other Yin practitioners; well they act differently from me probably more seriously like a human being. However, all of us have one thing in common – outsiders do not know we are Yin practitioners.

Anyway, I am very serious in being a nuisance (in public) so who says I’m not serious leh? This sentence was written free of charge and is a total pure nuisance in this story. Seriously.

Let’s begin this topic in not a serious manner..

In our definition, Yin equals to secret. In sun tzu Art of war, Direct (Yang) method is more for engagement in war but to win the war, Indirect (Yin) method has to be applied. For example, in sea attack (warfare), warships are open (everyone can see them floating) and are used for engaging warfares with the enemies; however, to win over the enemies, submarines may be needed to have an advantage. Submarines are discreet and in reality, we also don’t know who are the submariners and where the submarines are located. They are all of utmost secrecy.

Likewise in the above analogy, we Yin practitioners are also discreet especially we are also being trained to destroy feng shui – create disharmony, steer unrest, etc. In general, when we talk about Feng Shui (commercially), we talk about harmony, peace, how to make the energy flow according to one’s birth data etc. and how good is a Feng Shui master is depends on how good his / her marketing skills are. Yin practitioners are not in favor of this behaviour / practice. We would prefer not to let others (in general public) know who we are so that we can always carry out mission(s). 

In other words, if we are well done to the public and we receive a mission from a client to destroy his competitor’s fengshui, there would be difficulty as people will notice us  provide inconvenience for us to carry out our mission(s).

Hence, Yin practitioners often keep a close contact with trusted friends and clients.

Then why still we (or maybe I) have to behave in a not so serious manner?

Let me bring up a factual point of reality here. Our work (practice) may relate to Life & Death of people who approach us for advice. Our advice and words do weigh a lot. Oftentimes, people would decide on matters based on our advice. Hence, it somehow seemed that we make decisions for them on their matters. What happens if our advice (that became their decision) is wrong? Practitioners must understand that they are not Gods – we can only advice based on our understanding in their matters on a third party view and then use whatever methods we have to advice them accordingly. We couldn’t expressly make a disclaimer clause that our advice is based on our subjective opinion(s) and no basis should be based on our opinions to affect your decision.

Then how?

As for my own practice (not in accordance to any Yin practitioners’ rules), I act not being serious (eg. Playful, cheerful, not focus, post stupid stuff on social media, etc.) just to “degrade” my advice so that people would think over my opinion (advice) before making their decision.

How other Yin fellows (whom i know) practice? They may not be a joker like me. Most of them may be a bit more serious than me and when approached for advice, they would analyse and advice them based on the pros and cons of each decision (eg. Whether to go left or right) and then lead them to think over it first before making the decision (which way to go).

As for me, I would based on my opinion and if my opinion is to go left instead of right, I would advice why go left (and the pros and cons) but however, I keep silent on the “going right” decision (or just highlight the cons of the “going right”). In addition, With my non-serious attitude, they (who seeks my advice) would think over it again before making any decision(s).

Which methods work? Personally I do not know. But I think leading them to the decision (the better one based on our opinions) and then let them think over it may be quite straightforward. However, we must be sure and confident that our opinion is more or less a suitable decision for the matter. If not confident, I would either shut up or act like my other fellow Yin practitioners giving pros and cons of each decision.

The above paragraph somehow leads you to know which method I think works and also gives an example on how I advice using a non-serious attitude. Hehe!

Anyway, cos majority of you reading this story may only know me as a Yin practitioner so bo bian (no choice in hokkien) – cannot try other Yin practitioner’s method(s). However, Yin practitioners generally may not act serious or in a serious tone and manner when giving advice.

This is all because we, Yin practitioners, do not want to make any decision(s) on your behalf. The responsibility of decision still lies in the hands of the person who makes the decision not us.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, enjoying my food in Penang and getting fatter n rounder, signing off.

******************sign off*********************