Why cannot announce pregnant while being pregnant for less than 3 months?

Have you heard the myth of cannot cannot announce pregnant while being pregnant for less than 3 months?

What is the reason behind this myth?

Will try to explain it using Yin Feng Shui theory.

Well, I may need to refer back to my earlier story, Fetus – Spiritual Point of View.

For fetus less than 3 months, besides being no spirit being assigned to the fetus, this stage is where the brain of the fetus is being formed and developed during pregnancy. After the brain is being formed (i.e. after 3 months), other organs start to develop and also a spirit is being assigned to the fetus when the fetus has a brain.

During these 3 months while the fetus’s brain is forming, balancing of Yin and Yang energy is very crucial at this stage is very important. Any imbalance of these energies will cause the development of the fetus to go haywire and sometimes death of the fetus. Examples of things that can cause the imbalance are taking medications during this stage, going for an X-ray during this stage, anyhow eat junk food during this stage, etc. AND announcing that you are pregnant to others at this stage.

Here, I will focus on announcing that you are pregnant while you are less than 3 months. Whenever you announce a good news to others, you will receive many congratulation messages from them. In this event being less than 3 months pregnancy, these congratulation messages can “harm” the fetus.

Let me explain it step by step.

Yin energy normally associated with calm, secret, darkness, water, etc.

Yang energy, on the other hand, is normally associated with fire, brightness, strong force, etc.

During the pregnancy (especially in the first 3 months), Balancing of Yin and Yang plays a major part in the development of the fetus. The fetus is floating in amniotic fluid (represent “water”), in mother’s womb (represent “darkness, calm and secret”) while the fetus is developing (representing Yang – Formation). Thus, both this Yin and Yang factor must be well balanced so that the fetus can develop normally.

Thus, let’s say I am pregnant (less than 3 months) and announce to you that I am being pregnant, you will come and congratulate me, telling me good things, etc. These kind of congratulation messages will act like a strong Yang force and it is as if a punch to my womb and fetus. And if my auntie, uncle, friends, neighbors,etc. all come to congratulate me, my womb has to absorb more punches and will cause my Yang energy to overflow and will be more than my Yin energy, thus causing hurt to my fetus.

In other words, too much Yang energies will cause disruption to the development of my fetus (that is being hidden in a Yin environment – in my womb, amniotic fluid, darkness, etc.) Most sensitive period is the fetus brain. Also same goes to us, our brain is the most sensitive organ and our 5 to 6 senses are associated with the brain. Therefore, during the first 3 months of pregnancy, the most sensitive area (the brain) is being formed, I have to keep my pregnancy a secret so that there is a proper balance of the Yin and Yang energy to develop my baby’s brain.

Likewise, those who are pregnant, normally the elders will advise them not to go to any ceremonies like wedding dinner, funeral wakes, etc. This is because too much Yin or Yang energy will cause “harm” to the development of the fetus.

Hmmm… Short and simple explanation under Yin Feng Shui theory.

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As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, double confirming that I am a male and will not get pregnant, signing off……

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