Ways to sabotage

Many of the readers had either emailed or sms me asking me to share on the ways how a Yin Fengshui (“FS”) practitioner sabotage other premise’s fengshui. Due to demand, I will share some tips and the theory behind the sabotaging.

Theory behind Sabotaging

If we name the process of Fengshui Masters (Practitioners) fengshui-ing a premise as “Engineering”, then the process of Yin FS practitioner sabotaging should be called “reverse engineering”.

The purpose of fengshui-ing a premise is to enhance the energy in the premise by activating the important spots such as the wealth corner, windfall corner, the water corner and the romance corner.

Wealth corner represents a stable inflow of income. In business, this is important as it assists the sustainability of the business.

Windall corner deals with those unexpected income eg. lottery, bonuses, shares, etc. In business, this is also important in business as it brings in extra (unexpected) income and also to lock both wealth and windfall income as reserves (ie. the business / company can save up on all its income).

Water corner is to ensure that there are repeated inflows of customers and also a healthy cash flow cycle. In other words, it helps a steady flow of income and only reasonable expenditure is allowed to produce these incomes. Business will not overspend.

Romance corner, also known as relationship corner, helps the company to establish a good rapport with its customers and suppliers so that the company can get the good support from them.

Having a deep knowledge of these corners, Yin FS practitioners will sabotage these corners by allowing negative energy to hit these corners.

The basic methods Yin FS practitioner does to sabotage.

We take an example of a restaurant as a business here. The Yin FS practitioner will disguise himself as a customer.

Wealth corner – Normally the cashier counter is placed on the wealth corner. A yin FS practitioner may “accidentally” break a handheld mirror in front of the cashier counter. In Chinese custom, breaking a mirror is considered inauspicious and will invite disaster. This way is to sabotage the restaurant’s stable flow of income.

Windfall corner – This is normally located at a dark spot in the restaurant. Windfall needs quiet, cool and dark corner to activate it. The yin fengshui practitioner will wear red and purposely sit around the windfall corner and he may unintentionally play with his camera and “shoot” the windfall corner with flashlights. This is to burn away all the unexpected (extra) income of the restaurant.

Water corner – Normally a water feature / fountain will be in placed at this corner. The Yin FS practitioner will act as if he is admiring the fountain but on the other hand, he may put a drop of his blood into the fountain. This is to make the cash flow to be unhealthy so that there will be an over expenditure.

Romance corner – This Yin FS practitioner may pretend to walk around to look for the washroom. When he passes by the romance corner, he will throw a tiny little needle to the romance corner. This is to break the restaurant’s rapport with its suppliers and customers.

The above methods discussed with you are what an amateur Yin FS practitioner will do. The purpose of this sharing is to let you have an idea on the theory and the practical aspect of sabotaging the Fengshui of a premise. I am unable to share with you the advanced techniques a Yin FS practitioner does due to its highly technical in nature and it is under our code of ethics for the Yin Fengshui not to share with anyone who does not practice Yin Fengshui. Maybe it is also due to the reason that this is our ricebowl… hahahaha!!!!

Next, we will look into the code of conduct a Yin FS master has to abide to and the reasons behind the code. Stay “tuned”!!!!

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As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, signing off.

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