Walk the Fire Enter the Demon 走火入魔

In Feng Shui practice or any spiritual practice, there are many cases of 走火入魔.

走火入魔 = someone become something wrong upstairs in the brain after “practicing” for a period.

How then to gauge a person whether he already 走火入魔 or not?

Again, this story is based on Yin Feng Shui practice and you may by all means treat it as a fairy tale…

Here is some of the guidelines (I couldn’t spell everything out as there are too many) of 走火入魔:

  1. Thinking that they are God, Master of the universe, etc. Face it, all men are equal. Please do not think that you are more superior than any other fellow people just because you know a little more knowledge. By the way, be it fengshui or spiritual knowledge, they should be common sense – Nothing to be proud of. Some beginners who know a little would sometimes think that they know the whole thing. This is very dangerous and had already 走火入魔.
  2. I see, you see, he sees, she sees, they see all the same thing. Another dangerous method of practice is when you are practicing in a group. Let’s say if you practice yin feng shui in a group. Let’s say if everybody sees / reads the same thing, they confirm with one another that that is “real” and accurate thing. Or let’s say I use Method A, you use Method B, she uses C, he uses D and they use E, all come out to the same conclusion, then we deem that these methods are accurate. Very dangerous. If the conclusion is wrong but all methods give the same (wrong) conclusion, then all the methods are wrong and we all will practice the wrong method and goes into 走火入魔.
  3. Imaging things. For some spiritual practices, if we learn to imagine that we can move this energy to here and there and to insert energy into one’s body, etc., this one confirm 走火入魔. It’s just an imagination after all. If you treat imagination into reality, you must be crazy. Never imagine things – It’s illegal and dangerous
  4. Peer pressure. This often occurs when practicing in a group. One joker says he saw a purple light / a spirit, then another joker claims that he can see likewise. Here, peer pressure and face will lead you to “imagine” things so that you can also see what those 2 jokers “see”. Then with these 3 jokers claiming that they see the same things, it will psychologically (by peer pressure) affect others to become jokers too.
  5. Thinking of feng shui practice, spiritual matters every now and then e.g. during breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, bed time, etc. and link every things happening around you to spiritual or feng shui reasons, then it is the start of 走火入魔.
  6. Writing stories about Yin Feng Shui practices, Walk the Fire Enter the Demon 走火入魔, etc. Deleted…. hehehehehehehehehe!!!!!
  7. Many more (to be discussed again in near future).

Well, so what then is a guideline of not falling into 走火入魔?

Simple, real simple. Just learn to detach and not to over focus on any one method. Remember there is no right method to tackle any issues. Is freestyle. If you ask me, which method works best for a house feng shui. I would say any method that can lead your house to have a better enhancement is the correct way. Even let’s say for example, is a baby or a kid accidentally places an orange on a particular spot and this somehow say let you have a BIG promotion in work, the method this baby or kid did was the correct method.

That’s why in Yin Feng Shui, we learn to detach – throw away all the methods we had learnt before. Yang practitioners may not be agreeable to this freestyle kinda of stuff. Slowly. To learn through unlearning….

Too attached to a method will cause one to 走火入魔.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, 走ing 火 入ing 魔, signing off…

************************Sign off***************************