Top 5 reasons for casting black magic

This story explains the top 5 reasons why people will turn to black magician to cast black magic on victims. Based on my experience and cases I handled (in defusing black magic)

However, you can treat this as story and fiction.

In general, in this physical world, everything goes by evidence. In other words, if a person cause any sabotage / hurt to others, he may get into legal trouble because of evidence against him. Hence, should that person wants to “hurt” others or “steal” from others and yet does not want to get into any legal trouble, he will turn to Black magician – All in spiritual manner and it is difficult to obtain evidence(s) of this spiritual manner.

Well, let’s go to the top 5 reasons why some (in this story I will use myself as an example) turn to Black Magician:

Number  5: BEAUTY

I am so fat, ugly and some more crippled – Confirm no one wants me as boyfriend or husband. Then I will turn to Black Magician to “beautify” myself. What happen here is the Black Magician will cast some magic on me (especially my face) and others will somehow find me nice looking and then want to know me further. This method is sometimes also refer as “Injecting Diamond into forehead”.

p.s. If you find me handsome by accident in any way, please be assured that I am natural – no black magic involved one ah

Number 4: Sabotage and Cause hurt

Let’s say you and I have an argument, I am very angry and want to teach you a lesson. Of course, I want to cause hurt to you. Without me getting involved in any legal trouble, I approach a Black Magician to cast a spell or give you some ghost kids to sabotage you. At times, Black Magician may advise me instead of causing hurt to you, he will advise me to hurt your loved ones beside you. This manner you will feel more hurt – You would rather you get hurt than your loved ones.

I feel that this method is very evil and uncalled for.

Number 3: POWER

Let’s say I become your husband and entered into your family. If I feel like being out casted or I want some form of power or authority in the family, I would approach the Black Magician to cast “blur blur charm” onto your family so that your family will blur blur listen to me. This method is also used in a partner eating up the whole partnership or any one eating up the whole company. Also used by Mistress to take over the whole family.

Number 2: LOVE

Let’s say I am a girl and I want to marry you but you are married and it is impossible for you to marry me. Then I approach Black Magician to cast a spell on you so you love me the most and you will sacrifice everything for me. Again, you will somehow ignore your family – all the way to divorcing your wife and leave your children and come to me.


Well, I consider this the most unreasonable reason of all time!!! Just because I don’t like the way you are or your success, I approach a Black Magician to cast a spell on you for your downfall… Just like this and this is the top list…

Further stories will touch on the above individual methods in depth. Please stay tuned for more stories

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, still trying to understand why, signing off…… *********************sign off*************************