Third eye

This story is to answer a question by MG on 5 April 2013 on the “Post a question” section.

The quote of the question is as follows:

“Hi Ccfong,
Thanks for sharing and it has been very informative for me. Will you be able to share about some people able to see spirits because of the ’3rd eye’. Why are they able to see these spirits and what does it mean for them? Thank you for your time.”

Thank you MG for your question.

Third eye (第三眼) refers to a person (like the person writing this story) who is able to see the third dimension ie spirits, ghosts, deities, etc.

Why do some people have 3rd eye while most of us don’t have. I will explain this theory using Yin fengshui perspective.

Well, let me bring you to many years when you were being born. When a baby is being born till when the baby becomes 8 months old, during this period, we classify the baby as being “pure”. “Pure” here means that the degree of greed is low meaning to say that the baby only wants to eat, drink and sleep. As the degree of greed is low, the frequency of the mind is low and the mind is sensitive to environment including spiritual beings. Meaning to say that the baby is able to see spirits.

8 months later after the baby is being born, the baby’s mind tends to be more “greedy”. The baby would like to have new toys, learn to talk, walk, eat sweets, etc. till as an adult, the adult wants big house, cars, etc. Thus as the “wants” become more, the mind also becomes more and more not so “pure”  that causes the frequency of the mind becomes high, so the mind is no longer sensitive to the spiritual beings. As such, the 3rd eye is being “closed”.

Then why some people can see spirits?

One of those people is me. For my case, unfortunately my mind is slow and every year also is my 1 year old birthday, then this 3rd eye never close… Then I am now a BIG FAT baby…. Is that the reason? Maybe…. Hehehehehehehehehehehe!!!!!

Jokes aside, some babies probably are slower in the wants or being “greedy”. Lets say a normal baby starts to “get greedy” when the baby is 8 months old. If a baby “gets greedy” later maybe say 9 months, 1 year, 2 years or 31 years time after he is being born, the baby will be sensitive to this spiritual beings. Meaning to say that the longer period (more than 8 months) the baby starts to “get greedy”, the more sensitive to the spiritual beings the person will be. The sensitivity ranges from feeling, hearing to seeing, hearing, etc (the five senses). Talking about five senses, next time I will write a story on the topic –  sixth sense.

Now that we are adults, are we still able to see spirits or “open 3rd eye”?

Possible. This can be done if we can adjust our mind frequency. Examples of ways to adjusting mind frequency are meditation, being vegetarian, practicing fengshui, etc. Practicing fengshui can be a way. As a fengshui practitioner (be it Yin, Yang or both), this practitioner is dealing with energy and will be sensitive to energy and as such, his mind may be tamed down and frequency of mind becomes low and is able to slowly sense spirits then the five senses then next is seeing the energies and its colors.

Long long time ago not many years ago, this fat baby (who is typing this story now) is slow and as such he forgot to close his 3rd eye. As his 3rd eye is opened, no one guided him saying that this is human and this is ghost (normally differentiated with a pale face)  and as such, he thought everyone can see what he see.

One day when this big fat baby in class (Primary four), he saw an old lady coming into the classroom and cried at one corner. Being surprised and curious, he asked his classmates and all his classmates told him no such old lady. Being scared this big fat baby went home and confided in his parents that he saw an old lady who saw him knowing that he can see her while others cannot see her being there where he can see and others cannot see, his parents told him off saying, “You watched too much movies!”  Then this fat baby went to confide in his grandparents and he kana these three Cantonese words from them – 神经病。

That time I really 神经病有毛病,去到医院没有病,回到家里被妈妈骂我神经病.

Please stay tuned for more exciting stories.

As at for now, this is your big fat baby, signing off…….

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