Third eye – Part 2

In my previous story “Third Eye”, I did not answer the second part of MG’s question. I had tackled the first part of the question “Why are they able to see these spirits”.

In this story, I will tackle the next part of the question “What does it mean for them?”

Normally for spiritual stories, I may request for an ang pow of $2 (min) due to superstitious reasons. But it’s at your free will – no force.  But I also have to state this statement also due to superstitious reasons. Will explain this superstitious reasons in subsequent stories.

Let’s continue the story…….

Well, for this big fat baby, things still remain as per normal.

However for those who suddenly or intentionally acquire the “opening” of the third eye, things may be different for them. We name them in this story as “Amateur”.


The Amateur may feel some kind of stress as they are now seeing extra things and there isn’t anyone (or bare minimum) beside him for him to confide in. Others will surely say him 神经病 or siao ding tong. Jokes aside, this kind of stress may really lead him to mental hospital.

Lose focus

Furthermore as this Amateur sees extra beings, he may not be able to focus in his daily life routine. In the spiritual state lies another world of its own. You may have heard this before – If you don’t disturb them, they won’t disturb you. Not so simple. If they know you can see them, they will create many problems and inconvenience..

Well, you have to imagine. Let’s imagine that now you and me (just the both of us) are now spirits. We jolly well know that humans can’t see us and thus naturally we will not care or bother them. In the event if a big fat baby (human) sees us, we of course will also try to be funny and “disturb” him. If this big fat baby is a veteran (already used to seeing us), no fun. However, if this big fat baby is an amateur, of course we will disturb him to see him get frightened of his life and also try to ask favors from him such as passing messages to our friends who are still alive.

Hence, amateurs may not know how to handle them or give them threats. Again, with their daily normal life stress (and now) coupled with another set of stress from the spiritual side, higher chance for this amateur to visit the mental hospital.

It is true that if someone suddenly sees spirits, his luck is “no good” or “low”. When a person is feeling down, depressed, unlucky, etc., the frequency of his mind will tend to get very low and somehow the frequency gets in touch with the frequency of the spiritual state, the person may somehow get to see the spiritual beings. If this person is being disturbed by the spirits as descripted above, his luck confirm super no good.

Intentionally “opening the third eye” can be done through ways like meditation, qigong, practice fengshui, etc. These ways require the mind to be stable, at peace and sensitive to the environment by detaching all our attachments in the material world. Thus with the mind being stable, the frequency becomes low.

What is frequency? Let me create an example so you can feel it. Have you been excited before, maybe going to get a new car, going for a tour, etc.? This excitement causes a person’s mind frequency to be high. Normally in fengshui, we classified minds with a high frequency to be Yang and low frequency as Yin. And Yin also refers to the spiritual aspects of thingy.

For the person who is a veteran (ie he sees spirits from a young age)….

Advisable for the spirits not to disturb this veteran….. hahahahahaha!!!!! This veteran (especially this big fat baby) knows ways of handling this spiritual aspects of stuff. Instead of the spirits asking the veteran favor, the veteran knows ways to shut them off and counter asking them for favors. Hahaha.. Joking only.

Jokes aside.. There is always this big common problem with veterans. They are unsure which is the real world – the material and physical world where you and I belong; or the spiritual world – consisting of many types of spirits and spiritual officers, etc. Probably both are real world. These veterans are practically living in 2 worlds.

The spiritual world is not as peaceful as the physical world you and I live in…

Please stay tuned to more stories on the other world…

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, in this physical world, signing off…

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