Symbolic Feng Shui – Yin Feng Shui Perspective

Under Yin Feng Shui, there are 2 methods we used in feng shui-ing residential or commercial properties.

One method is known as Renovation Feng Shui and the other is known as Symbolical Feng Shui.

Needless to say for renovation feng shui, a practitioner will use the luo pan see see look look, aim here and there and then advised where to build rooms, walls, toilets, website, blogs, etc. This is so that the property can be built to suit the flow of the energy and uses the energy to enhance every individual spots such as wealth corner, windfall corner, romance corner, read corner, etc. Usually, this is done before the property is constructed or renovated.

What if the property is being constructed or being renovated and the client does not want to do any re-construction or re-renovation?

Under Yin Feng Shui, the method of symbolical Feng Shui is then being used.

Before this stories, you may have read about black magic, this and that; Well, Symbolic Feng Shui is just like playing magic.

Let’s say for example the washing basin is being placed strongly in the kitchen. In kitchen, what is important is fire that brings us harmony and enjoyment of eating; and in Kitchen, we do not want water as water will flood and drown the harmony and enjoyment of eating. Using renovation feng shui, that’s simple – Ask the client to relocate the water basin and solve the whole thing.

Then what if the client die die don’t want to relocate lei?

For renovation feng shui, MANY HEADACHE!!!! But for symbolic Feng Shui, the practitioners can use many tools such as magnifying glass, magnet, mirror,’s photo, etc. to “move” the water basin to the correct spot. Well, the tools do not physically move the water basin but instead, it symbolically moves it. In other words, you still see the physical water basin at the “wrong” spot but it will not cause any negative feng shui because symbolically, the water basin has been moved to the correct spot. Some kind of magic… hehehe

So normally, if the place is seen by the Yin practitioner before any renovation or construction is being done, the Yin practitioner may work together with the Architect or Interior Designer. At times, a very nice Interior design may not suit the feng shui very well, or if it follows strictly on renovation feng shui method, the interior arrangement (design) is very ugly like So Yin practitioners like to play around with both methods whenever the property is going to have a renovation.

Well, renovation feng shui and symbolic feng shui have the same effect of feng shui under Yin Feng Shui perspective.

If the property is being renovated or constructed or it is a rental property, then symbolic feng shui is being used in the way to hide or place feng shui items to enhance the important crucial corners such as wealth, windfall, romance, harvest, etc.

Feng Shui items work 2 ways under Yin Feng Shui perspective.

Let’s take an item such as Bull Run for example. Well Bull Run literally means that stocks or investments go up in value and thus your wealth will increase, etc. So the item by itself has this symbolical effect. If you put the item on your wealth or windfall corner, it may enhance your value of investments (if any). On the other hand, let’s say you put the item on the water corner or romance corner or anywhere, this item will just work as a decorative item – no feng shui enhancement effect. So this is how symbolical items work.

Empowerment on the item means to make the item “alive”. In other words, let’s say for Bull Run, empowerment means that to make the item really work for you ie. to enhance your wealth, investment, career, etc. Also known as double the effect of the symbolical effect of the item. In Chinese, we term it as make the items have “灵气” (being alive).

So the items in are specially selected by to enhance the individual corners for specific purposes – Symbolic Feng Shui. And also to keep my website going. Talking about this, I will like to thank all of you for your support and I look forward to your support.

Well, I now have to tell you stories about Yin feng shui and my Yin practice; for you to select suitable items for enhancement of any purpose; and to give inspirations and in the later stage, I may talk about how I walked through my dark stages in life after being paralysed. All these websites will not be possible without your support.

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