Substitute Ghost

Have you ever wondered why are there always many death cases in a specific area? Example in a reservoir, why are there always so many drowning cases happening at roughly the same area?

This may be due to what Yin Feng Shui classified as “Substitute” Ghost, literally translated from Chinese 替死鬼.

Here in this story, this is written based on my understanding of Yin Feng Shui point of view and if it somehow offends your belief(s), please treat this story as fiction. Or you may even treat this story as fiction from this point of time.

Under my understanding of Yin Feng Shui, death is complete only when the soul (the energy that makes our body going) and body “die” together at the same time. If in an accident or lets say a commit suicide, sometimes the body had passed on without the soul realizing that it had passed on.

Taking an example if a person commit suicide and jump off from a 20th storey buiding, the body probably would have passed on halfway during it’s “flight” down. However, the soul (energy) may not realize its death. Thus the soul had separated from the body and due to gravity, the body will land first. The soul (energy) lands subsequently thinking that it has not passed on. As the mindset of the soul is already locked at the point of committing suicide, it somehow would find its way up to the 20th storey and jump again and repeats this cycle. This also explains why Chinese believe in why a person jumps, the soul will repeatedly jumps again until one fine day it realized its death.

This is the danger part when the soul realizes its death. As there is no longer a body for the soul to die together with, the soul tends to find a body as a substitute for a complete death. At this point, this is known as 替死鬼.

So the soul would then find someone (the unlucky one) and “possess” its body, goes up to the probably same floor and commit suicide. Now that soul from that unlucky one has no body to die together with at the same time. Then it will find another unlucky one. And the cycle repeats itself until a priest or a Yin Feng Shui practitioner comes and stops the cycle. ‘How to stop the cycle’ is highly technical and I will just explain it superficially. Using mao shan, the practitioner will somehow link the soul (which has no body to die with) to a Straw man (a small human figuring made of straws) and let it die by burning the Straw man.

Same goes to a car accident, drowning case, etc.

Once again, this story is based on my understanding from Yin Feng Shui.

Next, I will go back to Yin Feng Shui and discuss some encounters on my graveyard geomancy. Please stay “tuned” again.

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As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, signing off.

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