Sixth Sense – An introduction

Till now, we have a superficial understanding the subconscious and conscious mind. Today’s story – I will introduce what is sixth sense – just an overview.

In the Yin practice, we differentiate in our mind being subconscious and conscious mind. Sixth sense is somewhere in between. It is somehow like a spiritual “antenna” where it receives frequency and signal from the universe and forms a picture or video clip in the mind so that the frequency and signal can perceive what it is using the conscious mind – see, hear, smell, touch and taste.

Well, why some people can see spirits and some don’t? This is because of this sixth sense. Some are born with it while others have to undergo a series of “spiritual meditation” to achieve it. The clearer the spiritual antenna, the clearer the person can perceive the 3rd dimension world.

Let me use an example to illustrate. Around us is air. However in the air around us likes many frequencies – say TV frequency. We can’t see these TV frequencies through our naked eyes. Thus we need a TV set with an antenna to receive these signals and interpret is in such a way where we can see and hear what is the frequencies trying to show. Sixth sense is something like the TV antenna and the TV is something like our mind.

Furthermore, sixth sense can forecast or “see” the future. This is also being known as “Extra Sensory Perception” (ESP in short). This is being described as the antenna can receive information e.g. future information. It is some how like intuition – e.g. I feel that you are going to call me, then you really call me. This is useful for the yin practitioners as they can use this antenna to gain information about anything in a way other than the normal human five senses. This is known as “Clairvoyance”.

It is a requirement for a Yin practitioner to acquire such skills in his area of practice. Reasons will be explained subsequently.

Some examples of sixth sense that some of us may feel:

(Will describe them in brief here and subsequent stories will zoom into each of these areas)

Sometimes when we are in a new place or when we hold a discussion among ourselves, we may feel like all these had happened before. Example like it feels like I have been in this place before but in fact this is my first time being here.

People, who had passed away, trying to communicate to you through dreams – e.g. Someone (deceased) telling you in your dream that he is thirsty. Or your loved one (deceased) telling you in your dream that he had a black wallet in his drawer and its for you, and when you wake up, you really find the wallet (exactly the same as that in your dream) in his drawer.

Sometimes we have our upper eyelid “jumping”. This can be a sign to tell us that something is going to happen.

Many more………

Why such phenomenon?

Stay tuned for more subsequent stories

I am writing these stories and theories based on my knowledge and experiences I had gathered during these years of practice since the age of 12. Sometimes, it is difficult to put into words. No matter how, I will try, to my very best, to describe them. I clap for myself  Well done man, Fong Chun Cheong. Wahahahaha!!! If in such event, you don’t understand what I am writing, please do comment and I will try to elaborate further.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, trying to polish the antenna, signing off…. *********************sign off*****************************