Never decomposed corpse

This is a real encounter by me in year 2006 when performing graveyard feng shui – exhumation.

6 feet below the grave lies a grandmother who had died at the age of 70 plus in year 1974. That night, we exhumed this grave of hers.

Normal exhumation process

The Yin Feng Shui practitioner will find a suitable date to perform exhumation. The exhumation process normally starts at around 11pm in the night where the undertakers start to dig the grave. The digging process may take about 4 hours for the undertakers to dig to the coffin. Then around 4am in the morning, family members will gather together and observe the undertakers to saw open the coffin.

What normally is expected inside the coffin

When the undertakers saw and open the coffin, the condition inside the coffin is either dry or filled with mud water. If it is dry, then it is easy to collect the bones. If it is full of mud water, the undertakers have to insert their hands to search for bones and to take them out.

What extraordinary sightings on that night was that the condition inside the coffin was dry and the grandmother’s body did not decompose. Furthermore the body of the grandmother looked like a 30 plus year old girl and her face looked very pinkish. It was as if she was sleeping soundly and could wake up anytime. Of course, I did joke to the undertakers to perform CPR on her. If she really wakes up, I can guarantee that I will be the first one to run away very fast. *wink.

According to the family members, when she passed away in 1974, she was having a short hair. But the body we saw was long hair – that means the hair grew longer over the 32 years. Her nails were long and black in colour.

As the coffin was damaged by the undertakers, they had to indent a new coffin. When the coffin arrived, the undertakers had to carry her body from the old coffin to the new coffin. During the transfer, the head of the body dropped out. YUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

After being transferred to the new coffin, the coffin was sent to Mandai crematorium for cremation. Then the ashes were put in the urn and was placed in the fengshui-ed niche.

Why the body did not decomposed and what is the implication?

It is due to the graveyard surrounding environment and the timing when the coffin was being buried, it strikes onto the timing when 养尸地 (“feed the corpse”) was created. Under Yin Feng Shui practice, 养尸地is a place where the body was being fed with the Yang Qi (energy) to preserve the body and prevent it from being decomposed. However, the Yang Qi comes from the deceased’s descendants. And this will cause the descendants to have many mishaps, unexplained illness, lousy luck, etc. We as human beings need Yang Qi to survive and to enjoy good luck.

I did approach western doctors and asked for their opinions. Their opinions were that there are no germs in the grave and thus that prevented the body from decomposing. However they cannot explain why the body turned younger.

This was my first encounter to see a corpse that did not decompose and became younger and prettier. I should have collected some mud from there and sell them as facial products. Maybe the mud can help a person looks younger. Hehehehehehehehehe……….

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