My failed case study 1 – “The Cow Skin”

Normally, practitioners like to talk about their “successful” cases as their introduction while will do the other way. This is just to support my assertion that “Practitioners are not God in a way or another”.

My failed case – against a Black Magician

This case happened about a decade and a half ago while I was around 16 years old. A young, energetic and inexperienced youngster at that time.

A mother together with her son and daughter-in-law went to seek my expertise in handling black magic.

Brief facts of the case:  At the first look, this mother looks like a pregnant lady who was expecting to deliver at any time. However, in her tummy – no baby. Roughly you all can have an idea the size of her tummy.

For me to handle such case, I would normally describe at the first instance who is the mastermind behind this black magic and then explain to the victim the source of the magic and the reasons why the mastermind cast this magic on her. – This is to ensure that I am not assisting another person whom in my opinion will hurt others if she gets well.

The diagnosis was that she had been hit by a black magic charm from an country (apologies that I can’t reveal the country) outside Singapore. This kind of black magic is known as “Cow Skin”

“Cow Skin” black magic refers to the Black magician using supposedly to be cow’s skin, compressed it into a tiny dot and ask the Mastermind to let the victim eat it. Thus this mastermind may find a plot to mix this dot with the victim’s drink or food and let the victim consume it. After consuming it, the “Cow Skin” will expand itself in the victim’s stomach and cause the internal organs to “burst” (ie. fail).

So this mother had somehow consumed it and overnight, she became a pregnant lady who was expecting to deliver anytime.

She approached me with her son and daughter in law and begged me to assist her – in other words, to save her life. At that point of time, I did tell them that I could only settle the spiritual aspect of it – i.e. to stop the black magician from  “attacking” her further. However, the physical hurt to her was already very bad. And physical part can only be dependent on scientific medical assistance.

However, they told me that Doctors couldn’t diagnose anything and they pleaded me to assist together with the medical assistance. Then my emotion conquered me and offered to try my best to assist.

Of course, I did “communicate” with the Black Magician on the ways to reverse the whole damage. Then I was very aggressive and told him that I would hold him liable if things don’t go for the better.

Beginning things work for the better. Amazingly, the stomach of the mother had gone slightly smaller. Hopes seemed to be there but one fine day, the stomach grew bigger and she left the world. Yes, her son did thanked me but at that young age of 16, the then me only thought of “Revenge”.

Yes, I engaged a “war” with the black magician and subsequently crippled him from performing all kinds of magic. Then I sort of feel better. Here comes my “government” – my master. He just asked me this question:

“What is the difference between this Black Magician and you?”

Yes, it was a failure of me then. Not that I have not saved a life, I had used my practice and “hit” another practitioner. Whether he deserved it is none of my business and I am wrong to take justice in my hands.

Practitioners are not Gods and of course not Karma decision-maker and should not even gossip / comment on how Karma works.

This failure had taught me this and tamed me down. No longer that aggressive anymore. It had been 15 years since then. For that mother whom had passed on, may she rest in peace.

Please stay tuned for more stories and cases..

As for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, using his conscious mind to retrieve information from his subconscious mind, signing off…

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