Moving In Procedure

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Today’s story will be based on a question by JoJo in the story “Symbolic Feng Shui – Yin Feng Shui Perspective” on 5th June 2013 at 6.50am.

The quote of the question is “Hello….
Could u share with me all the stuffs need to have for “move in” to new place preparation? Like the fruits…etc.”

Thanks JoJo for your question.

Let me first highlight the basic feng shui procedures to do:

Before opening the door, get ready 8 oranges and 1 pineapple. When the time is right (as recommended by a practitioner) to open the door, the man of the house will then open the door. Once the door is opened, the family will roll in the oranges and pineapples.

This procedure is to bring good auspicious energies into the house – The oranges and pineapples are symbolical representatives of Good luck energies.

After doing so, the family walks into the house shouting auspicious words like “Huat ah!!!”, “my house so nice ah”, etc.

This procedure is to enhance the Yang qi in the house. Yang qi is important in the house to promote family harmony, health, wealth, etc.

After this, the family should boil water, preferably with the fire from the stove and then use the hot water to make tea, coffee, milo, etc. to drink.

This procedure is to match the energy of the house with the family’s individual qi. This matching is important as to make the new house to be suitable for the family’s stay in it to promote happiness and smoothness in the things the family does.

Finally, gather all the scattered oranges and pineapple and put them nicely on the center of the living hall (house) and leave them there for at least 24 hours and subsequently dispose them under a big tree.

This procedure is to enhance good energy (from the fruits) in the house and absorb the not so good energies in the fruits that will be disposed under the tree. In other words, it is like exchanging the good energy from the fruits and then the bad energies from the house goes into the fruits.

Please do not give the fruits to me. Hahahahahaha

The above mentioned procedures are the basic procedures to do for a house opening ceremony. Of course, you can do a buffet lunch and invite to dance eat in your house, etc. You can do extra procedures on top of the above mentioned procedures e.g. walk over the portable fire stove, etc.

As at now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, still feeling unwell in hospital, signing off.

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