Mind – Conscious and Subconscious

How a Psychic works? Many of us will always wonder the mechanism of how a psychic works – How is he able to see your past, current and predict future.

In this story, I will explain on how a Psychic uses his / her mind.

Well, I may introduce to you the fundamentals of how a Psychic plays with his mind. Basically, the psychic breaks the mind into 2 components – one is the conscious mind and the other subconscious mind.

Conscious mind is the mind that we are aware of and can control. It basically refers to the 5 senses – see, hear, touch, smell and taste.

On the other hand, subconscious mind is a mind data storage. Whatever your conscious mind has in touch with (the 5 senses), the subconscious mind will register everything that the conscious mind captured.

For a normal person like you and me, we normally do not intentionally break our mind into these 2 components. Psychics do. They train their conscious mind to retrieve the data from his own subconscious mind and also others’ subconscious minds.

Let me give you an example. You think you can remember everything or you can retrieve data from your subconscious mind. Well, try this – Please recall what colour of the shirt you have wore say three days ago. I can bet with you – Majority of us cannot remember and even when you are reading this story, can you recall what your colleague / boss / spouse wore for today.

Well, subconscious mind collects all these information and data that our conscious mind will normally tend to put them aside.

One of the methods a Psychic may train his mind is to let the conscious mind be more alert (awareness) and to “throw and retrieve” his conscious mind.

This method enables the psychic to be sensitive (in the conscious mind) and he is able to “bring” the conscious mind to his own subconscious mind and view his subconscious mind as if he is watching a video. Well, he is also able to bring his conscious mind to your subconscious mind. No worries – Psychics have a code of conduct – Never read other people’s mind (subconscious) even if the other person allows him. But there are loopholes to this code of conduct. Hehehehehehehehehe

Telepathy – An example of some paranormal activities psychics do is telepathy. Well, you may think that this is impossible. Let me explain the mechanism first ah. Well, two or more psychics can place their conscious mind in a “place (somewhere in the space around us)” and communicate with one another using conscious mind. Well, psychics may tell you that this is nothing but a human basic instinct of communication – You all may laugh till you fall off from your chair and recommend them to the institute of mental health.

Well, try this – Imagine if you go back time lets say to your great grandfather time around maybe in the 1920s, try telling them about handphone or maybe smart phone – 3G, Wifi, sms, videoconferencing. They will react like you did – laugh until they fall off from their chair and recommend you to the institute of mental health.

Your highly technological gadgets you are carrying now are a form of the Conscious Mind from the point of view of Psychics.

To be continued………………

Because of conveniences brought to us by our highly technology gadgets, we may have lost the basic instinct of how our mind work.

Please stay tuned for more stories regarding conscious and subconscious minds, dreams, sixth sense, etc.

Next story, I will explain on the mechanism behind this phenomenon – The psychic can also see a place – its history and what it had happened there before, eg. if he is in Fort Canning Park, he is able to see (visualize in his conscious mind) what had happened before on that particular piece of land. Interesting hor? Stay tuned…. And also support ccfong.com so he can write more and more.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, in this platform of conscious mind “ccfong.com”, signing off.

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