This story is to answer a question by YSB on 28 March 2013 on “Post a question” on “乩童 – how real or how true is when a diety uses a human body to communicate with his followers. How does this work?”

After the stories of third eye and third eye part 2, you may somehow understand the frequency of mind. When the frequency of mind is low, the frequency is considered to be low and thus sensitive to Yin (the spiritual state). On the other hand when the frequency of the mind is high, the frequency is considered to be high and thus sensitive to Yang.

If you ever watch the process of the human body being possessed by a deity, you may observe that before the possession, the human body will be at peace or in a mediation status, then when a deity possesses the body, the body will go into a trance – a dance. After which, the body (by now already being possessed) will get stable down and sit on a chair or continue to dance, etc. and he is ready to communicate.

Why this process?

Let me explain to you systematically. Should this offend anyone or any beings in any nature, I deeply apologise. Anyway, you may by all means treat this as a story and fiction.

Here it goes:

First, the person who wants his body to be possessed may first relax his body or in other words, get into a mediation state of mind ie to let his body and mind to be calm. This is to get himself to become Yin so to connect with the spiritual state. Connecting with the spiritual state means that he willing to create a pathway for (any) deity or spiritual being to possess his body.

Once possessed, he will get into a trance. This purpose of this trance (normally a vigorous dance) is to let the spirit or deity to get used to the body. Something like you go to a shopping centre wanting to buy a trousers, you will choose one and go to the fitting room, change to the new trousers and then do all kinds of stunts (eg. squatting, seeing mirror, do a catwalk, etc.) to test if the trousers suit you or to somehow get yourself used to the new trousers. Same theory applies. The trance enables the spirit or deity after possessed the body to somehow get used to the body.

Once it get used to the body, then he aka the spirit aka the body (I hereby termed it as “the possessed body”) is ready to communicate with “end users” (people who wants to consult the possessed body.

You may notice the possessed body. He will not be “calm”. Either his legs are shaking, hands shaking, head shaking, etc. Then the possessed body will do stunts like poking himself, hitting his body with some weapons, eat chewing gum, smoking many cigarettes, etc. Many people may think that the possessed body is trying to “show off” stunts so to make people believe in it. In actual fact, he is again trying to get used to the body. Now imagine, if you have a muscle ache on your leg, you may either go for a massage, apply oilment / muscle rub gel that causes pain and heat on the muscle aching area so you feel relieve. Same theory applies here. Spirits = Yin and Body = Yang. When the spirit (Yin) is in the body (Yang), the spirit may get feeling like aching or burning sensation, so the spirit will do some stunts on the body for the spirit to somehow feel comfortable.

Amazingly, when the spirit leaves the possessed body, most of the times the stunts (it did) will not leave any scars or pain to the body. It is an amazing phenomenon. So amazing that I also don’t know how to explain in a scientifically. Of course in spiritual way of explaining, the spirit or deity had brought the pain and scar away with him when he leaves the body. Really amazing.

Well, YSB, your first part on how real or true this is. I will interpret your question as if the deity possesses the body, is the deity a true one – he claims who he is or an identity misrepresented by the spirit as claiming itself as the deity.

Hmmm… This is a sensitive question. But I will address it without prejudice to any beings of any nature. Deities are somehow in its nature powerful and may not need any command or instruction from a Human (ie the Human commands or request the deity to possess his body). If they want to help others, they can help without any medium (ie a physical body). Of course, this does not mean that deity will not possess human body. Sometimes they do so with maybe an intention to communicate with people at large.

However, as being said above, humans may not be able to command deity. There may be cases when the medium in the first instance creating a pathway to let the deity to possess his body, wandering spirits from round the corners may sometimes “cut queue” and possess the body.

Hope these explanation will not offend anyone and any being..

Well, YSB, you may in your mind ask this question – Will there be cases if a person gets possessed by spirits or deities without any intention of letting his body to be possessed.

The answer is Yes. Most of the time is when the mind frequency of the person becomes low and it had unintentionally create a pathway to the spirits / deities to possess the body. Example of such cases is when attending a funeral wake or attending to a loved one whom is expecting to pass on soon, as atmosphere there is peace and spiritual, if a person is sad or calm or whatever the feeling it is that caused the mind frequency to be low, the person has the risk of unintentionally create a pathway for the spirits or deities to enter the body.

Hope this story answers your question and I have drank 3 cups of coffee while writing this story.

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