Love – The Yin context

Hope you all did enjoy yesterday’s story on Yin Feng Shui – The Entering Phase.

Many had asked regarding Yin practice, we always talk about Demons, destruction, etc. All these link to Hatred. And is there any Love in Yin Practice.

Very simple! We just love to destruct!!! Hahahaha!!! No ah. This is only a joke. I will elaborate about Love in this story’s context. Love = Family love, husband love, love ccfong, etc.

Love is equivalent to a form of attachment in Yin context. Why is it so?

Imagine your boy / girl friend, spouse, daughter, father, etc. is this fat ugly ccfong.  In this world, there is only ONE Uniquely ccfong and there is NO substitute for this unique ccfong. Thus, you are very very afraid that ccfong might leave you – be it separation, divorce, death, ccfong becomes handsome, etc.

Well, please do not vomit ah… If ccfong is your dream and ideal guy you want to marry to, you will by all means come out with many patterns to win him over and reserve a name with him in the Registrar of Marriage. However, if ccfong has a spouse, some may even want to break ccfong’s marriage and be with him. Sounds so wonderful and also so unreal

It is because there is no substitute for the person you like, thus the value of the person in your heart becomes superb high and thus as it is a superb high value (even money cannot buy), your heart will be attracted to it and aim to get hold of him. If there is someone else trying to gain the person’s attention, your heart become jealous. If the person says not possible for both of you to be together, your heart breaks and this causes extreme pain in the heart and some may want to end their life to end this pain – the stupidest thing ever to do.

This type of feeling that Love caused – In the Yin context, we term it as an Attachment. Too much an attachment will cause you to lose your self-control. In other words, instead of you controlling the external environmental factors such as love, the external environment factors control you. As a Feng Shui practitioner, one has to be firm so that he can control the external environmental factors such as energies and not letting the external factors controlling them.

So does it mean that Yin practitioners cannot love and must convert all love into hatred?

Answer is definitely a NO. Sounds simple hor… It took me a while to understand it – probably due to my mentally not so sound I guess – i.e. stupidity. Hehehe.

In the essence of Yin context, we do acknowledge that there are love(s) that we have to and must appreciate such as family love, siblings’ love, etc. However, it is advisable (not by force) that yin practitioners should refrain from being too attached that end up in being too “attachment”. Thus, destruct here may mean that to refrain ourselves from being too overly emotional attached but rather appreciate all relationships that are currently existing and may arise.

In conclusion, in yin practice, it is not encourage to love selfishly but instead, give universal love. It is believed that giving universal love is happier than giving those giving specific love. Thus, again, yin practitioners are mainly vegetarians as they love lives and do not want to sacrifice them and put them into the stomach that became a graveyard for the animals.

Well, for those who are currently facing some love issues – be it with family, spouse, partners, etc., yin practitioners will advise you to appreciate the time when you all were happy together. Try your best to remedy or salvage the relationship. However, if it is near impossible to salvage, let go and in your heart, gives a smile that you had once be happy with him or her. I understand it is painful and difficult. Face it with a smile of appreciation. Be loved by the surrounding around – Love is in the air. We are here because of love. is also created due to Love. So shy to say it…… hehehe

Furthermore, please love ccfong and feel his warmth – because he is fat so many hot qi comes out from his body to make u feel warm

This story is dedicated to all those who had felt, currently feeling or going to feel troubled by any “love” issues. I truly understand the pain in the heart.

If you need a listening ear, I can lend you mine @ one Teh Si (Milk Tea) per hour.

Next, I will go proper back to the next stage after the Entering Phase of Yin practice. Stay tuned!!!!!!

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, loving ccfong, signing off…

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