Limbo World

I will, as far as my knowledge from the practice of Yin Feng Shui permits, try my best to explain what on earth is Limbo world. By the way speaking “on earth”, whether the Limbo world exists on earth, hell or heaven, I really don’t know.

As I have neither been there nor want to go there, I can only in my opinion, based on my knowledge from Yin Feng Shui practices, give a description on Limbo world.

Here it goes……..

Please do read Venn’s Love before reading further here.

In the theory of Yin Feng Shui, there are 3 places in this universe, namely Heaven, Earth and Hell. Limbo world lies in the borders of these 3 places and thus lies in the intersection of these 3 places as shown in the Venn diagram below.

Thus, in theory, Limbo world lies in a state of mixture of these 3 places. As in our current place (ie. Earth), we can’t see the other 2 places, thus should anyone go into the border of our place and fall into the Limbo world, he may “disappear” totally from our dimension and go into another. Probably, my guess is that as there may be no food and water in that limbo world, he may have passed on there.

I have no idea where is the exact location of the entrance of Limbo world. In theory, these entrance(s) may change from time to time. In other words, the entrance can just appear next to us at a time when all factors (eg. Yin, Yang, etc.) of timing coincide with one another. This coincident is very very very rare.

Normally this entrance will appear in a large area of space eg. air space, in the middle of a sea / ocean, in a forest, on a road, etc.

How to tell if you are nearing the entrance of this Limbo world?

Lets describe it when the entrance appears on a road. What will happen is that the person will be locked in a maze before reaching the entrance. In other words, he may feel that he keeps on visiting and revisiting the same spot / point. Example, he passes by ABC road and there is a sign saying 2 more km to reach CDB road. However, no matter how straight and far he continues his journey, he still revisit the same ABC road with the same sign. The more he continues his journey, the nearer will be the entrance of the Limbo world. Once entered, he cannot come out of it anymore.

In theory, the Limbo world will be the diameter of the space where he was stuck in the maze before entering the entrance.

So how to break the maze before you enter into the Limbo world?

In Yin Feng Shui theory, should anyone feel lost or feel that he can’t get out of a maze (space), he should:

–       set a spot / point of reference, eg. A sign board and probably some features of it.

–       Continue to move straight and see if he revisits back to the same spot.

–       If he revisits at the spot, stop at that spot.

–       Urinate on that particular spot.

–       If his cell phone still can receive signals, use it to call anyone. If the cell phone does not receive any signal, stay calm.

–       Rest for a minute.

–       Then continue to move.

These steps will help him to break the maze and get out of the maze in the event he has not entered into the Limbo world. If already entered, have to pray hard for a miracle to happen…

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