Is a funeral wake necessary?

Happy Monday. Today’s story is whether a funeral wake is necessary for the deceased?

Well, in Chinese custom, a funeral wake is normally held for 3, 5, 7 days before the body of the deceased gets buried or cremated. This is so that the living can pay their last respect to the deceased and “see the deceased for the last time”.

However, in Yin practice or Yin Feng Shui theory, this few days of funeral wake may be necessary for the deceased.

When a person passes away, in Yin theory / belief, the spirit has to leave the body. Let’s speak a little logic here. Imagine the deceased has been attached to the body for decades and of course the deceased has ‘feelings’ towards the body of his. Many cases are the spirit of the deceased kept on attached to the body and don’t want to get out. I will not discuss on how the spirit feels when it gets out of the body as this is religion topic and I won’t discuss about this here in But if you ask me out for coffee, I will slowly explain to you… hehehe.

Well, back to the event when the spirit still attach to its body. 2 scenarios will happen.

If the body is being cremated, the spirit will feel very painful as the body is being destroyed by the fire. And during the destruction of the body, the spirit of deceased is being forcefully pushed out of the body. This is superb many many very very painful. However, it is still better than being burial (to be discussed below) as the spirit can ‘escape’ from the dead useless body.

Another scenario is when the deceased is being buried. If the spirit is still being trapped in the body, then it cannot come out as it is being buried 6 feet underground and trapped there until the descendants come to dig it up (exhume). The ground (soil) will somehow trap the spirit and imagine 30 years of being trapped in the body with conscious and if you shout, no one will hear you.

Hence, to avoid of those 2 scenarios from happening, a funeral wake is necessary to give the spirit some days of chance to come out of the body.

Under Yin practice, we normally would advise closed ones to talk to the deceased (even though) the deceased is in the coffin to advise them to face the fact that he / she is dead and to ‘walk the path’.

Furthermore, assure the deceased that you all are able to take care of yourselves, tell him / her not to worry and continue to ‘walk the path’.

In further stories, I will write about how a Yin practitioner deals with the deceased in the funeral wake and during their cremation or burial.

This is Yin Feng Shui’s speciality. Enjoy the upcoming stories.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, spirit not leaving the body as he is still alive, signing off…..

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