Hungry Ghosts – What they are

What are Hungry Ghosts?

Hungry Ghosts are literally translated from the Chinese “饿鬼” and most often a times people mix them up with “Angry Ghosts” (恶鬼) due to the similar pronunciation.

Both are from tbe same dimension (i.e. Hell) but both are never the same.

Again, this story is based on the knowledge of Yin Feng Shui and you may treat it as fiction again.

Hungry Ghosts are beings which are forever hungry from Hell. They look very alike with Toyol or Kunmantong (“Baby Spirits) – Height about a three years old kid and they have a very big stomach and a needle-like neck.

This needle-like neck makes them impossible to swallow anything they eat and drink and thus without food and water in their stomach, the feeling of hunger, shivering, weak, paranoid, etc. keeps hunting them. This is a kind of torture to them. You can imagine the feeling of yourself skipping a day’s meal and have not been eating anything since then.

What is more torturing for them is that they have access to food and water. Example during the Hungry Ghost festival when they become a month of Wandering Spirit in our dimension, food and drinks are being offered to them. Imagine they seeing food and water, the hungry them will just pounce onto the food and start to put those food into the mouth. This is a normal psychological effect / doings of a very hungry person.

However, their needle-like neck / throat makes them impossible to swallow down the food and thus choking them and force them to vomit all the chewed food. In my opinion, this may be seen as a form of punishment to them.

So next time if you ever offer food and drinks to them during the hungry ghost month, you may try the taste of the food after the offering. Please do not offer them to me ah….

Why then in the first place do they become hungry ghosts?

With reference to what seniors / masters explained to me, these hungry ghosts were once human beings like you and me. However, during their lifetime, they enjoyed torturing and abusing others (Human Beings). For example, if they employ a maid, ill treat them, giving them disgusting or inferior food, torturing them etc., all these actions qualify them to enlist into Hungry Ghosts.

Talking about maids, some clients ask me how do I see if they have 2 sets of rice of different quality – one good quality for them and the inferior for the maid. Well, 2 views on this – One: As long as it is edible, it should be ok. Second: Why must there be different qualities? More expensive is not an excuse. If you practice this, it may be seen that you do not treat all human equally and may also qualify you for enlistment.

Will pause here for Hungry Ghosts. Feel free to drop me questions through email as my comments below something wrong already

We heard or know of a Game where Green Pigs took away some Birds’ eggs and causes the Birds to be furious and attack the Pigs to rescue their eggs. Yeah!!! The game is known as Angry Birds.

So what and how about Angry Ghosts? The ones that are being wrongly associated with Hungry Ghosts.

Stay tuned…………………….. ;P

Hmmm…. Why talking about ghosts? Well in feng shui, they are also classified as energies that may benefit or hurt us.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, feeling hungry, signing off….

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