Fetus – Spiritual point of view

Here in this story, I will address on the question posted by Ivy in Black Magic on 2nd April 2013 at 8.57am. The quote of the question “is it true if you were to have an abortion the foetus will be a wondering foetus?”

I will tackle this question by explaining the process of the spirit attaching to the fetus during the growing stage of the baby. If they are being aborted, I will discuss on how yin feng shui practitioner assists them and how Black Magician makes use of them.

This story is a total spiritual based story and there is no scientific evidence to support this story. Furthermore, this also act as a guide to practicing Yin Feng Shui practitioner and black magican (both of them are totally not related). It is good for your reading and understanding on how these 2 group of practitioners view on stages of fetus.

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Please treat this as a fiction and this story is written without prejudice.

This is a table practitioners normally follow:-

Normal case scenario (about 95% of the time) when a lady starts to get pregnant…

1st 3 months ——-> no spirit

This means that during this first 3 months, the fetus in the womb is forming its shape.

3 months after being pregnant ———> a spirit will be assigned to the fetus.

In other words, roughly around 3 months after being pregnant, this fetus has an identity, the spirit is being assigned to the fetus meaning to say this particular spirit is somehow tagged to this fetus.

However from 3 months to 4 months after being pregnant, if an abortion occurs, this spirit may (95% of the time) be assigned to other fetus. Thus, it will not turn into a wandering spirit.

Then 5 months after being pregnant, the spirit will come close to the fetus or mother. Roughly, this spirit can roam around about radius 2km from the fetus. As time goes by this radius will become smaller and the spirit may also becoming to turn into a “child”. Eventually on the 7 to 8 month, the spirit will enter into the fetus and wait to come out as a baby.

However from 5 months onwards, if abortion occurs, this spirit very highly likely to become a wandering (kid) spirit.

Dear Ivy, hope I answered your question.

Then what does Yin Feng Shui practitioner and Black magician will do?

Yin Feng Shui practitioner

This practitioner will assist the supposedly parents and the aborted fetus by performing a feng shui ritual symbolizing that the fetus had “actually died”. Meaning to say that fetus is not a fetus but instead a baby (treating it as new born) and this baby had passed on due to some reason. Then this spirit will not be wandering spirit but instead get another tag or being assigned to another fetus so that this spirit has another chance to come out as a physical baby.

Black Magician

For this magician, it is a harvesting time. Traditionally, they steal the aborted fetus, wrapped the fetus with cloth and perform some rituals. These rituals somehow sent signals or communications to this spirit saying that it is being abandoned. As you know for normal young kids, they get angry easily. Hence, this spirit gets angry and revengeful. To make things worse, Black magician will torture it signifying that it is not well liked. So food is given to it upon it obeys the magician’s order.

This black magician will put these kid spirits for adoption.

If customers wish to adopt, the black magician will pass them one spirit and formulate a way for the customers to treat it.

The customers must treat the baby spirit as their child. If not………..

To be continued………..

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