In the last story, I did mention that a Yin practitioner has to be “emotionless” when performing a yin feng shui on a “newly” deceased. In other words, if you are a friend of the deceased, you may have to act as if you do not know him as your friend.

Reason is quite straightforward:

In the law of nature, when a person passes away, his communication has to be cut off totally from the living humans. However, a Yin feng shui practitioner may be seen as a middleman that “link” up the communication line between the deceased and the alives. Thus, this increases the risk of breaking the law of nature and has to bear all consequences.

If this Yin practitioner is a family friend of both the deceased and the alives, it would normally puts the practitioner in an awkward and difficult position. The practitioner must act as an independent third party – For the deceased, during the communication with the deceased, the practitioner must act as if he suffered a very strong dementia, i.e. he has to communicate with the deceased in a “professional” manner. Sometimes, this may cause hurt (in term of feeling) to the deceased. For the alives, this practitioner may be seen as being disrespectful as a friend had passed away, this practitioner did not offer any “prayers” (e.g. hold a joss stick, going through the last viewing ceremony, etc.)

In conclusion, if you want to be a friend friend with both the alives and the deceased, don’t perform Yin feng shui. If you want to carry out your yin service, gotta be emotionless.

Well, I cite my own case as an example. Again, I will always cite my failed case. By all means, say I am lousy… if you dare……….. hehehehehehehe ;P

Back in the 90s, somewhere in December 1995, my Grandfather (maternal side) passed away suddenly while sleeping. Well, we were all very shocked at his demise as he was very healthy and strong. I was then 13 years old. Just a child but with Yin practice. I just felt helpless and can’t perform any yin stuff on my grandfather. I can only look at him (spiritually) and can only have minimal communication with him due to the law of nature. Whenever he wanted me to pass a message, I just can’t do it as I was subjected to many many many laws.

So the day of the funeral services (出殡) came. The coffin was carried away and I still see my grandfather sitting on the chair, crying. Well, don’t expect a 13 years old boy to be emotionless. I broke down and knelt in front of him and cried. Of course, my family members and relatives knew what I saw what I can see, they joined in the fun and cried. Now, my grandfather had made a special request and I sounded out the request. The request is confidential and I am not exposing it out. The request was then carried out.

Well, being so emotional and did breach the law of nature, I expected a huge scolding from my master. Unexpectedly, he told me to keep it up and there is more to learn – Just keep moving and use this case to understand what is emotion and vulnerable.

The million-dollar question may arise:

If I were at the wake of Venn (deceased), would I have performed any kind of Yin services?

Answer is simple. Of course yes. She and I come from the same training background – We know what to do. Hehehehehehehehe!

The sad part is that she had passed on while I was injured and going through the period of retrograde amnesia. I had since then lost total contact with her. Because of her, I write stories to document down things we did, doing and will do.  I am continuing my journey and she, I believe, is also continuing her journey in somewhere else – The practice of detachment.

In loving memory of Venn, my grandfathers, Mr Chok (whom I performed the Yin services recently), and all others (friends and relatvies) whom had departed from this dimension, this is Fong Chun Cheong, observing a minute of silence, signing off.

********************************sign off************************************