Spirit or non spirit or yourself while you are somewhere else?

In this story, i will narrate about Doppelgänger in Yin practitioner’s term. Just treat it as a fiction cos it happens superb very many many Rarely. Maybe it happens about 0.00000001% of the time.

Here, we are not talking about parallel universe. I am referring to another you appearing elsewhere in this universe while you are let’s say reading this story.

So let’s take me as an example. It may now be happening to me as I am now very weak lying on the hospital bed. Well, let me illustrate this view of doppelgänger:

Whilst I am lying on the hospital bed now, some people may see a paranormal phenomenon – A duplicate of me. No no no… Although is said to be a Doppelgänger of myself, but in this story, i am referring the duplicate of me as another physical me. In other words, you will see another me roaming around.

This duplicate of me, if you see it, this duplicate may not be able to speak to you or react to you when you call it – So no manners one. The duplicate will appear like walking without crutches but would seem to be holding on to an invisible crutches, do things that reflect what I always do – play, eat, drink, joke, swim, etc. If you try to touch it, I guess you will see your hand going through the duplicate me. At times, the duplicate me will just disappear right in front of you.

In the Yin context, if I happen to see my own doppelgänger, I have to bid farewell to you all as seeing face to face, man against man with my own doppelgänger, it means time’s up for me.

When a duplicate of oneself appears, the original self will be very superb tired.

That explains why I am now so weak and in pain now. Must be a lot of duplicates of me roaming outside. Time for me to take out my vacuum cleaner to absorb them back and my yuan qi to return…. hehehe

As at now, please remember that I am currently in hospital, if you see any one that resembles me, it might be my Doppelgänger and please don’t tell them which ward I stay cos I don’t want to see them as I wanna live longer and be healthy.

Wish me best of health!

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, trying to fix up my vacuum machine, signing off.

***********************************sign off******************************************