Demise of my friend – Mr Chok

Today’s story will be on a case study on the recent Yin Feng Shui I performed a week ago in Malaysia. My appreciation to Mr Chok’s family for allowing me to write this story in Here it goes:

Brief History on how I know him

Sometime back in year 2005, I was being recommended by another Feng Shui practitioner to look into a case involving spiritual matters. The subject was his student’s father (in this instance “Mr Chok”).

Mr Chok, then, was staying in Kuala Lumpur (“KL”). Arrangement was made – the practitioner’s student’s sister and her husband met me under my flat and they drove me in to KL. It was a midnight drive and we reached there around dawn.

I met with Mr Chok, a friendly and jovial person. He then sounded to me his issue on seeing those “dirty things” (spirits) around in his room in midnight and how he was disturbed by these dirty things. Of course, I assessed the situation, his room, black magic, causes, etc. and did the necessary “prayers” (arrangements) to have all these dirty stuff cleared.

Then, I flew back immediately to Singapore on the same day. Just this first meeting with Mr Chok, we became close friends and it was as if we had known each other for a long time.

We did meet up with each other several times when I visited KL or passed by KL to go Genting (Oops…). After the accident crippled me in 2008, it was inconvenient for me to travel and I did not visit him often.

The Last time I met him

The Chok’s family brought him down to visit Singapore as he has 2 daughters residing in Singapore and 2 daughters residing in KL. I met him at Paradise Inn @ 313 Somerset over a dinner. He was having dementia and he smiled at me, told me friendly that he had forgotten about me and had no clue who I was. Given his dementia condition, his character, in my opinion, remains the same – nice, calm, friendly and jovial.

The period before his demise     

From my understanding from his family members, he was very weak and had been lying on the bed in a nursing home / hospital in KL. Just a couple / a day before his demise, (according to his daughters), he opened his eyes, looked around and was very alert, as if he wanted to communicate with his family. However, the body was too weak for him to say the words. This phenomenon was being described in the story “Borrowed Tim” – return to consciousness before death.

Moments before his demise, the family members felt cold and “windy” in the ward where Mr Chok was and soon, Mr Chok departed.

Funeral services

I attended his wake and of course, as a Yin Feng Shui Practitioner, to perform some Yin stuff. I approached Mr Chok’s body and communicated with him (his spirit). Well, he was alert then and knew who I am and addressed me the same way he addressed me before he got into dementia.

In a professional manner, I explained about the law of nature to him, he understood it very well and respected it. This is the very nice character of him. What I did was all the necessary stuff a practitioner should do to comfort, console and guide the demise. Well, he was very calm and understood well – Probably, it was because there was another female spirit beside him who could have already guided him. Checks with the family members – Me describing the features of the lady spirit and the descriptions point out exactly to Mr Chok’s sister (who passed away some decades ago) and this sister was very closed to Mr Chok while they were alive.

In this very instance, the third daughter of Mr Chok told me that she dreamt of her father with another female. Why such phenomenon? This is known as a form of sixth sense (if the dream is true). What happened here was, the daughter is somehow “saddened” by the demise of her father and this in turns, led to her mind frequency becoming low. Thus, with a low mind frequency and while she was asleep (where all of the other 5 senses being at rest), this sixth sense arised and thus, she got this vision of her father (current situation) accurately.

Well, back to Mr Chok, he was saddened by the fact that he only became “alert” and remembered his family members only after his death. I did explain to him that it is usually the case and do not put it in heart. He mentioned to me on how he was worried about his wife as following his death, his income stream from a “partner” will be cut off. He just hoped that he could relay this message to his family. Well again, as a Yin practitioner, I cannot disclose so much to the family, I, can only as an indicative, described the features of the “partner” and let the family “guess” who we are referring to. Well, if the family is reading this story, it is ok. I am sharing stories based on my experience and I am not breaking any law of nature or code of conducts.

As a Yin practitioner, I can only arrange a one-way communication whereby the family members “talk to the air / heart” while he is just beside them. Whether he listens or not does not concern the Yin practitioner. I can only describe that he heaved a sigh of relief (that is very good).  I am glad to see that he is “healthy and fit”, steady and calm again.

This one way communication, in Yin practice and also described in Venn’s love, gives a chance for the livings to pass messages to the demise. No instant reciprocal from the demise to the living is to be given as this reciprocal breaks 101% of the law of nature.

The following day, Mr Chok’s body was cremated and using Yin Feng Shui, I chose a good niche for him. One that will bring good luck to his descendants.

Death is a natural process that everyone has to go through. Mr Chok had shown to me that during his lifetime, he was nice, always giving in and compromising, jovial, looked on the positive side of things, and when he passed on, there is no sign of regret and unhappiness. I truly respect my friend, Mr Chok.

Also as a friend of the Chok’s family, my condolences to the Chok’s family on the demise of their beloved father.

As at now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, observing a minute of silence, signing off..

*****************sign off*******************