Defusing Black Magic – An overview

This story is dedicated to late Master Venn G. (1985 – 2009).

From the previous stories, you may have brief ideas on what Black Magic is.

Today’s story will will look at how Yin practitioner defuse a Black Magic victim.

The victim may be being casted by a Black Magician using Mao Shan or Ghost kids. Normally there is a “sign” for the Yin practitioner to interpret this black magic.

Well, let me explain it further. Normally, the practice of Black Magician when casting their magic on a victim, they will normally leave a thread or an “audit trail” from the victim to them. So Yin practitioner will “follow” this thread and lead to the source of the Black Magic.

Of course we are not interested who the Black Magician is, but we are more interested who is the mastermind behind this cast. The Black Magician usually will put up a “photo” of the mastermind in the thread or audit trail. This serves 2 purposes. First purpose is to make Yin practitioner’s job easier to describe who the mastermind is to the victim.  Second purpose is to make the first purpose a joke – by putting a “photo” on the trail is to somehow push the karma to the mastermind.

Well, let me explain. Black Magician is just like another vehicle – lets say a car. If a driver uses the car for travelling purposes, nothing happens and no karma. If the driver uses the car to knock down someone intentionally, who will have the guilt? The driver or the Car?

Same theory goes to Black magician. Who will have most of the karma? The mastermind or the Black magician?

So when the victim approach the yin practitioner or a white magician, the practitioner will first describe to the victim who the mastermind is. After confirming the identity of the mastermind, the practitioner has to analyse who is in the wrong in the first instance. Example – is it the mastermind who starts the black magic on the victim or the other way round?

After ensuring who is the “wrong” party, the practitioner then will decide whether to defuse this black magic.

TV shows like to show that the practitioner needs to take many weapons, chicken and dog blood, etc – Pattern more than Badminton.

In actual fact, very simple one. The practitioner will somehow “communicate” with the Black magician to negotiate whether to settle the “deal” with force or in a gentleman way.

Will discuss these ways of settling in Part 2, 3, 4, ……. of this story in the future.

In theory, once defuse the black magic, the victim will be back to normal. But practically, if too much damage has been done – be it physically or relationship or any other matters, defusing the black magic only assist that the damage will not deteriorate.

Why this story dedicated to Venn? This is because she used to tell me that we have to write a book or manual to document down what we do. At that time, I did not care too much and always give excuses of my poor English.

Now from “we” become “I”…

Having said that and to be very honest, I have to control my emotions while typing this story. Probably, this is a biological mind at work. My biological mind is telling my conscious mind to be sad while my subconscious mind (subconsciously) telling myself not to be affected.

It is not easy, Everytime while I typing and thinking of ways to explain things, memories of Venn (having discussion on these theories) will just appear in my mind. In fact, it is heart breaking.

But to keep our promise to document our discussion and practice and I am the surviving party, I will bite all emotions and spell them out.

All the stories of this series – in them lies a lot of yin practitioners’ and black magicians’ sweat, blood and tears.

Please stay tuned for more stories of this series

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As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, observing a minute of silence, signing off… ***********************sign off***************************