Days before a natural death – Yin Feng Shui theory

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Today I will be narrating on the behavioral change patterns (based on Yin Feng Shui Theory) days before a person passes on (naturally). Naturally here means old age and passes on peacefully. Hence, this story does not apply to Venn.

Please, at all means, do treat this as fictional. I will explain using Yin Feng Shui theory.

There are many behavioral changes, supernatural phenomenons, etc. for a person during days before a natural death.

Today, I will narrate on a phenomenon that mostly occurred. The “dying” person will always say that there are “invisible” visitors in the room visiting him. Sometimes, he may point to a spot and comment that this uncle comes and see him where in fact, the uncle has already passed on.

Question here is is it real? Is the “dying” person really see such spirits or relatives whom had already passed on.

Well, 2 answers to this question.

1) Hallucination – A “dying” person may be disorientated and “blur” in his brain / mind and he may be actually hallucinating.

2) In Yin Feng Shui theory, yes, the “dying” person is actually seeing passed on relatives and at times invisible strangers.

Reasons behind this phenomenon are that the “dying” person is losing his Yang energy and as such he is gaining Yin energy that weakens his body and also lower the mind frequency. With this, the frequency of his mind will shock with the low frequency of the spiritual world.

If the relatives / friends / “officers’ (all passed on) want to visit the “dying” person or guide him, because of the “wanting to visit or guiding him”, this enhances the connection of the dead and the dying person.

Most of the cases, Reason number 2 is more common and “real” than Reason number 1.

Hence, well everyone has to pass through this stage. If next time, if you visit any relative or closed ones and such phenomenon occurs, smile at the “dying” person, reassure him that you understand and also asks him to send your regards to the passed on relative (if you know who this relative is). Do not brush him off saying “don’t have la”.

Reassurance to the “dying” person and also plays a part in the connection with the dead (by sending your regards) will not cause any harm to you and also it comforts the “dying” person.

In Yin Feng Shui, death is a natural process and is a point where the Yang becomes Yin and meets the Yin. So don’t be afraid. You may meet people once again whom you had long missed and then waiting others’ (the living ones) time to be up and then visit him. hehehehehehe

During this days before a natural death, this “dying” person’s mind is actually more “alert” and “sensitive” even though he may be seen as lying unconsciously or helplessly. At times, this “dying” person may sit up and act as if he is totally very fit for a short period before collapsing, many more…

All these will be explained in the future stories. Stay tuned…..

As at now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, still reading up on books to fix my’s problems in the internet, signing off…

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