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Have you ever seen a shop selling Yin Feng Shui services? Or any advertisement like “World Class Yin Feng Shui Master”, “Best Yin Feng Shui services”, and “I also conduct yin fengshui – burial, graveyard, etc.” And Yin Feng Shui Master bringing people to tour graveyards explaining to them what is Yin Feng Shui.

If so, probably you have not met a real Yin Feng Shui Practitioner.

If you have been following the stories closely, I did mention that Yin Feng Shui Practitioner has to keep low profile and the reasons behind.

Here, I will discuss more on some Codes of Conduct for a Yin Feng Shui Practitioner

1)   He must at all times keep low profile – to avoid being famous so that he can conduct his Yin Feng Shui sabotage activities.

2)   Yin Feng Shui has this requirement to respect all lives because one of the purposes of Yin Feng Shui deals with the dead. Hence a Yin practitioner must be a vegetarian. The rationale behind this is that he cannot be selfish to sacrifice other lives (animal) to upkeep his life.

3)   He must not act for himself – He cannot sabotage other premise’s feng shui according to his self-interest. In other words, he can only sabotage if he is being instructed to. Likewise, he is unable to feng shui his graveyard and time of burial.

4)   He cannot sabotage and cause the fengshui of the other premise to be detrimental to a person’s life and health.

5)   Respect peace of the dead – Normally they do not bring people to tour graveyards that will disturb their rest.

6)   Because of his job nature, he is advised not to set up a family.

7)   He must be loyal to his country, family, master and friends.

8)   To observe confidentiality of his clients. That’s why we don’t advertise..

The purpose of this story is to give a guideline to readers to have an understanding of how a Yin Feng Shui practitioner should behave and to develop checklist to ensure that the “Master” he engaged is a credible one.

In brief, the checklist is as follows:-

–       is he a vegetarian?

–       Does he have a spouse and descendants?

–       Is he famous?

Remember: Respect a practitioner who is good with his skills and not those who are good in advertising or marketing.

Under Yin Feng Shui practice, we do not understand why practitioners would want to advertise themselves. If you are good, people will come find you naturally.

Why do people employ Yin Feng Shui practitioners?

1)   Graveyard geomancy – To improve the luck of the descendants and to make sure that the dead is at peace.

2)   Residential and Commerical premise geomancy – To fengshui and also to build a defense against sabotage and to “convert” negative energy to positive energy.

3)   Self protection – To be “protected” against spiritual attack such as Black magic, ghosts, being sabotaged etc.

4)   For sabotaging reasons.

5)   For all other confidential matters and reasons…….

They are not many Yin Feng Shui practitioners out there and they are not easily being identified mainly because they do not introduce themselves as Feng Shui practitioners.

Next I will share with you some of my encounters when conducting graveyard geomancy and what is “Substitute Ghost (替死鬼) ”. So “stay tuned” for more stories….

Currently, I have decided and am writing on the topic “Black Magic”.

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