Brain Dead vs Clincial Death

This is a question posted by Pauline to me several weeks ago.

With reference to Medical point of view, Clinical Death is a term that both the breathing and the blood circulation had stopped and these 2 functions could no longer support and sustain human life. On the other hand, Brain dead is when the (or all) brain acitivies stop functioning due to some medical reasons.

Both Clinical Death and Brain dead can be a legal indicator of death.

I am not medical expert and should my definitions of the above are wrong, please pardon me.

I am a story teller and this story is based on my Yin practices and point of view. Please do note that you can treat this story as a fiction and please do not use this story as a basis for anything. Strictly, No reliance on this story is allowed.

Here continues my story telling….

If you note both Clinical Death and Brain Dead, for the Clinical Death, the heart may have stopped functioning while for Brain Dead, the heart may be continuing at a slow pace.

Under Yin feng shui, the indicator of death may depends on the degree on how “attached naturally” is the soul to the body WITHOUT the consideration of how much the soul is EMOTIONALLY attached to the body. In other words, the degree of attachment of the Soul to the Body / Corpse is accessed without the bias of emotional factors. Well, lets take example while you are reading this sentence, you are alive and your soul is 100% attached to your body be it you happy or sad. The attachment here is focusing on the natural attachment of the soul to the body and NOT the emotional attachment where the soul 不舍得离开 (can’t bear to leave) the body. Like now, our souls are 100% naturally attached to our bodies and we treat them as one piece ;P

In the event of Clinical Death, under Yin perspective, the natural attachment of the soul to the body may be closed to zero percentage and thus Yin perspective may consider this death as an indicator of death and Yin Feng Shui can be carried out.

While in the event of Brain Dead, under Yin perspective, the natural attachment of the soul to the body may be high and some even closed to a hundred percent. In other words, if the body of the Brain Dead is pushed to being operated for harvesting of organs, the patient will still feel pain. The feeling of pain may not be picked up by the brain but rather picked up by the “mind” of the soul.

So as a Yin practitioner, we may have to perform some procedures to the Brain Dead so that the natural attachment of the soul is closed to the Clinical Death.

Again, it is a trade secret and I would not share the technique here but I can share the theory part of the procedure.

Here is how the theory works:

As there is still a weak pulse in the wrist, the Yin fellow will somehow pressed onto the acu points of the wrist and somehow telepathy to the “mind” of the soul. Then this Yin fellow will “speak” to the mind of the soul and make it more alert and let the mind of the soul connects it back to the body and feel it and then guide them how to “detach” from it. With this “exercise”, the natural attachment of the soul to the body will be closed to the Clinical Death’s ones.

This procedure should be done before any life support machine is being off or at least before the body is being proven to be brain dead.

In conclusion, the Yin practitioner will assist the brain dead to have the percentage natural attachment (of soul to the body) to be as close as possible to the clinical dead.

How then is about comatose?

Comatose is a deep state of unconsciousness and this cannot be mixed up with brain dead. The degree of the natural attachment of the soul to the body is the same like you and me now. There are many causes of comatose and the Yin fellow will cater its services accordingly to whether to wake the comatose up or lead the comatose to brain dead. This one superb long story…..

However, for comatose cases, the Yin practitioner MUST take note that he should not do anything if the purpose of the comatose is to protect the patient from an intense pain during his healing process. In other words, if he wakes this patient up, he will put this patient to extreme pain and if he leads this patient to brain dead, he should be called as “Murderer” instead of “Yin practitioner”. Hehehehe!!!

Talking about comatose, a friend called Martin Thoo and my godmum Evelyn Ng had authorized me to share a real life case on a comatose and how the yin joker makes him wake up. Tomorrow will write this story and am unsure if able to complete the story by tomorrow. Stay tuned….

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As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, bathing himself with seven-coloured flowers, signing off….

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