“Borrowed Time” – return to consciousness before death

Today’s story I will touch on also the Days before death:

“Borrowed Time” – return to consciousness before death – In Chinese , we term it as 回光返照.

Most of the time, when a person is near death, he might be very weak or may also be unconscious. Then suddenly, this person got his strength back or become superb conscious and talk to you as if he has fully recovered. However moments later, he collapsed again and passed on.

Why is this so?

Medically, I am of no expert to comment.

I can only give comments on this topic based on Yin Feng Shui concept. And again, you may treat this as fictional or just another bed-time story.

In Yin Feng Shui theory, after a person passed on, his soul / spirit will have to leave the body and proceed on to whatever or wherever he should proceed to. At this junction, he must be alert and somehow “fit”.

Well, days before he passed on, he had been very weak and unconscious – i.e. his spirit also in the same condition as the body. This will not be right when he passed on, the spirit is still in an unconscious or weak form and can’t proceed on in whatever path he should proceed on.

Thus, just a little period before he fully passed on, the spirit has to be fully alert / aware. Then at this material junction, the spirit is in “high spirit” and somehow this Yin energy will boost up the physical yang energy (probably static) in the physical state and if the physical state still have that little energy left, this is like a form of Adrenaline that boost up that little energy left in the physical body and hence, the physical body may look as if it is fit again. Thus, this person may be able to talk to you, eat food, lift weights, read ccfong.com, etc.

Physical body nevertheless is still very weak. Most of the time, this rebound back of consciousness last only for a superb low period of time (of course miracle may happen – some long period). And after this rebound, sadly to say, the physical body runs out of that little energy and will be officially pronounced dead.

Stay tuned for more exciting and happy stories… hehehehe!

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, fit and strong and cheerful, signing off…

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