Black Magic – an overview

The wait has been finally arrived!!! I had been bombarded by sms, phone calls, emails, confrontation face to face, etc. on “when are you going to write stories on Black Magic?”

Here in this story, I will give my introduction on Black Magic and after which, I will subsequently write more in depth about Black Magic. As it is a broad area, I may need many stories to finish talking about Black Magic as a whole (hopefully).

Let’s begin…….

Magic is an art of producing illusions – a desired result through the use of some magical techniques or the forces of nature. Black came into picture as Black is yin and is in a shadow to sabotage. Hence Black Magic in its definition, under Yin Feng Shui, is defined as the art of sabotaging or destroying another person’s well being without leaving any traces of physical forensic evidences. As Black magic uses spirits and forces of nature, these are beyond forensic sciences can detect. Once again, I urge readers to read this story and upcoming stories with an open mind. You may also like to treat them as fiction.

My understanding from Yin Feng Shui practice:-

Long long long time ago many many many many years ago, there is this group of people (In Malay we call them bomohs) who practices Black Magic. Who is this group? I also don’t know because this is the story passed down to me. Then one fine day, again many many many years ago, this Black Magic breaks into two specialties or I should say departments – One of them is Mao Shan and the other is known as Toyols or Kunmanthong meaning ghost kids.

Mao Shan is an art whereby they do not use any spirits. What they normally do is they somehow link the victim to a straw man by using the victim’s birth datas, photographs, etc. Some even put some charm into food or drinks and let the victim eat and drink them. After doing the linking up, the Mao Shan practitioner will sabotage the victim by doing some charm on the victim (in western it may be known as the well known voodoo effect). Sometimes a person may approach this practitioner to ask them to cast a spell on him/herself to be attractive so he / she can be able to attract other people. Will discuss more when time comes

Toyols or Kunmanthong (“The ghost kids”) is a method where practitioner raises (same meaning as raising a child) ghost kids spirit. Normally the practitioner will collect physical fetus and “capture” the fetus’ spirit. They torture the spirits (eg. not giving them food) and will give them food unless these spirits obey the practitioner’s instructions. Food here refer to sweets, rice, etc and even the practitioner’s own blood. Customers will adopt these spirits from the practitioner and the practitioner will either teach customers how to control them or the practitioner will control them personally – act as a middle man whom receive instructions from customers and instruct the spirits. These spirits can use to sabotage people, pull (attract) customers to business, steal things, etc.

So must a Feng Shui practitioner be well-versed with this?

Yes. A Feng Shui practitioner is someone who practices yin and yang fengshui. So he / she must be trained in this area.

In other words, do you mean Feng Shui practitioner is “evil” as they are well versed with this?

Although we must be trained in this area, Black magic is very unique. You either have to be specialized in casting Black magic or breaking the cast of Black magic – no two concurrent specializations. Thus, rest assured, fengshui practitioner must be specialized in breaking the cast of Black Magic. Yes, of course, in order to be well versed in Black magic, we need at the first place know how to cast. Normally our victim is our master who guide us Feng Shui. So, we have not committed any crime… hahahaha!!!!

I will pause here for the moment.

I am considering what to write more in depth. Here are some stories I will write:

i)              Symptoms and how a victim or his / her closed ones know that he / she should know that he / she is being casted by Black Magic.

ii)             How practitioners torture the ghost kids’ spirits – what they do.

iii)           Any karmic effects on those black magician.

iv)           Ways to raise ghost kids’ spirits.

v)             Many more…..

Still thinking….

I appreciate if you can also contribute on what you want to know about Black Magic. Then I can write stories to suit your questions J

This story is strictly NOT for adoption.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, signing off..

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