Black Magic – Needle

This story is based on the comment and question asked by DT on 2nd April 2013 1.27am.

The quote of DT’s comment and question:

“My mom was being “attracted” suddenly to a 20 cents coin on the road one day. As she picked up the coin, she saw visions of needles around the coin but didn’t really bother too much. That very night, she was down with pain as if millions of needles poking her body. She was sent to the hospital and confirmed nothing was wrong with her after the diagnosis but was hospitalized for further observations. She couldn’t bear the pain even pain killers were given to her. On the 3rd day of admission, a medium was engaged to the hospital, and she used a hard-boiled egg wrapped with white cloth, roll all over my mom’s body, and could see the egg was poked with needles! Understood from the medium that someone has engaged a bomoh to put a Love curse on the girl he loves but breaking off with him. Perhaps, that girl always take that path at that timing, hence the coin was placed there to “attract” her. It was just my mom’s low luck…fortunately she discharged from the hospital immediately after the “needles” were removed.

My doubt is why these physical needles cannot be seen under x-ray yet could be extracted with just an egg that wrapped with white cloth? Also, in what frequency that another person get attracted to this Love curse even the spell is not on her?”

Thank you DT for your comment and question.

I think that this might have happened many years ago if I am not wrong because this kind of black magic, casted by the bomoh, has outdated. This black magic is known as putting “mines” on the floor and whomever unlucky ones touch it, it will attack on that particular person. In other words, the black magic is known as “anyhow whack” and it is not focus and tailored made to hit the victim.

What happened in your mom’s case might be:

The bomoh might have thought that the girl (whom he intended to cast black magic upon) was walking towards a direction. Then he purposely put the 20 cents coin on the road, hoping that she picked it up. Unfortunately, your mom appeared before the girl and saw the coin. I am sorry to say that your mom was unlucky then.

Using the egg wrapped with white cloth is under Mao Shan to “cure” or uncast this cast. This technique is known as sucking out the needles or teleporting the needles to another place.

In the event if the needles stayed in the body for a longer period, say around a month, X-ray can detect these needles. The needle may look like a staple bullet however about 1mm in length – quite minute.

Nowsdays, black magician no longer anyhow whack by placing mines. They can “link” the victim to the “always used” straw man and inserted the needles into the straw man (voodoo effect). Strangely, if you are able to access the straw man, the needles can no longer be found in the straw man. The needles somehow had been transferred to the victim’s body.

Sounds ridiculous and unbelievable? I think so too but this actually happened. No wonder it is called Magic – Black Magic.

Symptoms if hit by this “needle” charm are: the victim feels a unbearable pain all round the body. This needle is said to be in the blood travelling around the body. Most of the cases, this needle may end up either on the lower jaw or upper hand area.

DT, I sincerely hope that your mom is well by now. Luckily, a medium had come to her aid on the 3rd day.

However, this needle charm is not life threatening (almost 90% of the case). It will be life threatening if the needle move through the blood to the heart (almost 10% of the case), then game over…

The kind of charm that is confirmed life threatening is known as the “expanding cow’s skin”.

How this is done is the Black magician shrinks a big piece of “cow’s skin” into a tiny little dot. Then the customer will take this dot and put it either on the victim’s drink or food. If the victim consumes it, game over again – The victim’s stomach will grow very big like a pregnant lady and when there is no space for expansion, the organs “explode” and really game over…..

Interesting hor? Better don’t play this kind of Black magic. Even how much you hate a person, never resort to black magic.

“If you drink, don’t drive. If you drive, don’t drink.” Alamak! Not related one.. Cheers! Don’t be frightened by this story. Cos you know this yaya papaya Any problem, find him if he is available…. hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

Next, I will address on the question posted by Ivy in Black Magic on 2nd April 2013 at 8.57am. The quote of the question “is it true if you were to have an abortion the foetus will be a wondering foetus?”

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, signing off.

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