Black Magic – continuation

I have many private queries to me regarding the 2nd ranking of the “Top 5 reasons for casting black magic” – LOVE.

Well, this story will give an example of a case study for your reading pleasure.

Without prejudice:

Some families have a domestic helper in their house. Most of the time, the domestic helpers are female. There are cases where these domestic helpers want to take over the position of the “wife” in the house by “seducing” the man in the house.

Some of them use their physical beauty to seduce but some use charms.

Now, lets take me as a domestic helper. *Don’t vomit ah….

My looks compare to anyone compare no fight – I sure lose. So I cannot use physical beauty to seduce the man. So I approach a black magician (normally before coming to work for the family).

What normally Black Magician will give me is some packets of powder (not drugs). This powder is just like any other edible powder but with some magic in it. I will probably boil soup and serve the family. Then in the man’s bowl of soup, I will add in the powder to mix with the soup.

After the man consumed the soup, the effect of the powder is said to make the man in a “blur” state of mind. Then I will use my “physical beauty” to try to lure him to my side and at the same time, backstab the wife. Unknowingly, the man will somehow sympathize with me and he will dislike his wife for “ill-treating” me. Of course, I will act very pitiful and victimized so to boost up the man’s ego so the man will protect me. As time goes by, this man will develop a liking to me and may go to the extent of divorcing his wife for me. I know is a bad choice but I got black magic charm lei

After the man and I get together, I can stop the charm e.g. feeding him more with the powder. This man may not recall why he is with me but since now he is with me, he has to carry on having me for the rest of his life.

This is a common example of Love charm.

How to break the charm?

The best solution in this matter is to dismiss the domestic helper and send her far far far away from the family. This is to prevent the domestic worker from “positioning” the soup that causes the man to be blur. Once this is done, the man will slowly “wake up”. After he wakes up, his memory of the domestic helper will be very vague and cannot recall much of his feelings for her.

This is only a temporary charm and is one of the cheapest services offered by the Black Magician. No permanent harm will be done if this charm is being cut off at an early stage. Everything will carry on as usual.

What if it is not being cut off at an early stage?

The man will be with me, the domestic helper now becoming the woman in the family e.g. being the wife of the man.

Is there any way to remedy this case?

Well if the domestic helper now turned wife and had stopped using the charm, they are like a normal couple and there is no black magic cast / charm for yin practitioner(s) to defuse. In other words, white magician can’t do anything to help.

Thus it is advisable for the wife to use physical beauty to win back the husband.

Please stay tuned for more examples of black magic cast

As at now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, converting himself back to normal after being a domestic helper, signing off… ***********************sign off************************