Baby Spirits

Today’s story is a continuation of the previous story on “Fetus – Spirtual point of view

Once anyone adopts baby spirits / spiritual kids, they must treat these kids as their children.

Let me explain..

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the baby spirit (let’s say the baby spirit is equivalent to a 2 year old normal kid). With a mind of only 2 years old, these spirits do not understand what is human and what is spirits. They may not even know that they are in fact spirits – They feel that they are no different from a normal human kid.

With this mentality, these spirits kids will want a normal parental care from the adopted “parents”. They will be happy if their adopted parents buy them sweets, milk, food and even toys. Once they are happy, they will follow instructions from their “adopted” parents – Noramlly these parents who adopted them wants some favor from them e.g. strike 4D, make the boss like them, take over over some matter, have a bigger say in a community, etc.

If this kind of relationship continues and also if this Fatty Fong Chun Cheong does not intervene, things will go as per normal – A “happy” family.

Trouble comes normally when 2 occassions happen.

First, if the adopted parents abandon them. In other words, if the adopted parents cease feeding them food, clothing, sweets, toys, etc. or even want to send them back to the Black magician (where they will be tortured again), these baby spirits will turn rebellious and oh my god, these baby spirits will create a big havoc to the adopted parents causing them to be in poor health, bad luck cycle, etc.

Second instance – If the adopted parents have got their own kids, these baby spirits will wander why they are so physically close to the kids and not them. They are somehow like being put aside e.g. when meal time, how come they are not being invited to the meal table like the human kids, etc. In this situation, all baby spirits will have this in mind – “Why must I work so hard for my parents and the other children (physical) no need?”

Jealousy will arise in this baby spirits and they will not “hit” on the adopted parents, but instead they will cause harm to the physical children.

For these 2 instances above, we as Yin practitioners, normally will not help the adopted parents as in the first place these adopted parents had not been morally right to adopt such ghost spirits. And also for the justice of these spirits, if they are angry and they want to “punish” the adults, we will not intervene too.

Thick twice before you want to adopt a baby ghost.

How these baby ghosts disturb and sabotage others and even their adopted parents and how they were being tortured by black magician, all these will subsequently be spelt out in stories. So please stay tuned…

As at for now, this is Baby Fong Chun Cheong, signing off…

This type of story, I will request for an Ang Pow. Tomorrow I will write about this superstition. *****************sign off******************