Angry Ghost

Today’s story will touch on a kind of Angry Ghost. The Chinese pronunciation of Angry Ghost 恶鬼 and Hungry Ghost 饿鬼 is very similar and often a times people may get confused over it.

So what is an Angry Ghost? Basically a Ghost that gets angry is equal to Angry ghost. Hehe… Theoretically, it is like this; but here, I will discuss about from a human turning into an Angry Ghost.

By all means, treat is as fiction. This is under Yin theory…

Have you read or hear of stories people die with vengeance – wearing red and commit suicide and its soul comes back to haunt the living(s)?

Well, under Yin theory, this is how it works: Story telling time……

Red represents lucky and also angry. When a person (lets call him “A”) who wants to seek revenge on someone, “B” (normally who is of higher “power” or “authority” than him) and this person “A” is unable to get close “B” physically due to some reasons and there is this way of “A” getting close to “B” spiritually and cause physical harm to “B” by committing suicide with vengeance wearing red.

Normally or maybe paranormally, this person “A” inherently knows how and what to chant and to maintain that feeling of vengeance while committing suicide. I will not talk on how to perform this ritual.

With this ritual being performed, the goal of this ritual is to “allow” the normal procedures (after a man passed on naturally) to halt and not to be affected by any Karma forces. In other words, this person “A” (whom had died with rituals) is given a “permission” to carry out his vengeance or in other words his “mission” and once this “mission” is completed, he would then be subjected to the normal procedures and karmic forces.

Usually, “A” had already in mind what he wanted to do to “B” before he commits the suicide with rituals and once the act of suicide is committed, “A” turns into Angry Ghost and he is allowed to carried out his mission against “B”.

Give the most simple example: If “A” also wants to take the life of “B”, after “A” turns into Angry Ghost, “A” will haunt “B” and because of the Angry “Qi”, B can feel “A” and “B” somehow may be life threatened.

The most interesting question is what to do if you are a Yin practitioner acting for the funeral of “A” or acting for “B” to deter “A” from attacking.

Always keep in mind that this situation is part of nature and you are only a Yin practitioner and not a judge. You are not in any authority to interfere in preventing or stopping this revenge from happening.

Well, having said that, I am being taught that in the first scenario where you are handling the funeral of “A” as a Yin feng shui practitioner, I will try my best to “talk” to “A” and give him reasons as to why “A” should not carry out the vengeance and also the pros and cons of carrying out such “missions”. In the event if “A” refuses to listen to my reasoning, I cannot exert any “force” (even though I may have the “force”) to forcefully refrain “A” from carrying out such missions. In this case, I must let “A” go and let him fulfill his dying wish. It is an offence for a Yin feng shui practitioner under the Unviersal Law not to reason out with “A”, i.e. be it “A” listen or not, a yin practitioner must reason out the pros and cons. So normally this is the case, I would not take up this funeral case or if no choice take up this case, my charges going to be superb high. WAkakakakakakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the second scenario where you are the yin fellow acting for “B” to deter “A” from hump dumping “B”. Wah!!!! This one lagi best!!!! You see ah…

Under normal law be it our law or universal law, when a person is dying, his words or wish(es) are normally “pure” (free from any fabrications) and weighs a lot heavier (in terms of evidence) in any court(s). In other words, “A”’s vengeance holds strong valid reasons to hump dump “B” and some more Yin practitioner cannot interfere with nature. Like that how ah???

Again, yin practitioner, in all these scenarios, only acts as a mouth piece. The poor Yin fellow can only reason out why “A” shouldn’t hump dump “B”. While acting for “B”, the yin fellow will try to use sympathy methods to try talking to “A” for examples, “Hello “A”, I am so and so, a Yin guy, and I am here to have a nice chat with you as to why you may have to refrain from performing the vengeance to “B”. Please take note that I am not here to defend “B” in any way. You see ah, “B” may not have done any harm to you as you may deem so because bah bah bah…. And you see ah, “B” still has a mother to take care, 3 children to feed, bah bah bah bah….” If you are a poor negotiator or unsuccessfully reason out to “A”, you still have to stand aside and cannot interfere.

So as a Yin practitioner, you may have to first analyse the situation thoroughly and to ensure full confidence before being a busy body (in this case).

Well, if you engage people like Tiffany, she very straight forward – In scenario one, she will advise “A” on how to tekang (torture) “B” and let him enjoy a “good time”; and In scenario two, she will defend “B” and make “A” die second time. But Tiffany this kind of person very “Hao Lian” (proud) one. She won’t anyhow suka suka happy happy take up any case. And according to her, she won’t take on scenario one and will take on scenario two after careful judgments and considerations.

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As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, throwing away all my red coloured shirts and SKIRTS, signing off…..

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