Ancestors’ Graveyard Feng Shui

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How does Ancestors’ Graveyard affect the descendent’s well-being (in terms of feng shui)?

In life facts, Parents to us act as a support – They gave us shelter, food, clothing, etc. for our growing up. And our Grandparents gave our parents the same unconditional love / support.

All these support somehow affect very much how we are and somehow our luck.

In actual fact, even though we are adults and somehow ‘do not need their support’, their well being still affects us. Well, lets give some scenarios… If parents and grandparents are well to do (both in health and wealth), they will not give us any burden of supporting them – though we as Children must be filial. Imagine if parents are not well to do and always fall sick, they may be our burden.

Please do note that above are only illustrations purposes as we as Children must be filial to our parents and give them the necessary support, etc. be it they are well to do or not.

Having said these, when the grandparents or parents pass on, they still affect our luck in terms of feng shui (“Luck”). In other words, the feng shui position of their burial ground or urn in a niche in a columbium affects our luck.

Let’s say if the burial ground is one of something like the never decomposed corpse, good luck to the descendants – many accidents, mishaps, failures, etc.

How then we diagnosed if we are being affected by the feng shui of the ancestors’ graveyards?

Look around your siblings and even cousins. Normally, they may experience similar mishaps, say for example, if most of the cousins and siblings have similar injury to the rich leg, etc. If they experience similar fate, luck, sickness, etc., it is an indicative that the ancestors’ graveyard fengshui is of some problem.

So how many generations do  the Ancestors’ graveyards affect?

Let’s say if I kanna buried, my burial ground feng shui will affect my same generation (about 30%), my children generation (about 99%) and my grandchildren (about 75%) and not much impact on my great grandchildren.

CHOI!!!!!!!! What I kanna buried??? Touch many many many many wood!!!!!

Another hot question I kenna asked by friends – How about disposing Ancestors’ ashes into the deep sea.

Under Yin feng shui, there will be no support from the ancestors and if descendants are successful, there is high risk that the success may be short lived as there is no support. In other words, just no support.

If that’s the case, any solution?

Mao Shan Yin Feng Shui will tackle it. I would not explain the technical aspect of it but just briefly describe how it works. Bring back the ashes into an urn and buried it or keep it in the columbarium. A straw man will be used as a substitute for the ashes. Then it will be as if having the ancestors’ ashes / body back to land.

This is a brief story to outline Ancestors’ Graveyard Feng Shui. More insights will be written in future. Stay tuned.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, touching many many many wood, signing off…. ************sign off*************