Ancestor’s Curse

Today story will talk about TIFFANY’s Ancestor’s curse.

What is Ancestor’s Curse?

This story is taken from real case scenarios I had came across and of course by all means treat them as fiction.

It all begins with a joker during the material time when he is about to die. What happened here is similar to the person “A” in the story Angry Ghost but the difference is that this joker did not commit suicide. This joker had just merely passed on due to reasons of old age, sabotage, execution (especially in world war 2). During the critical material time when he is about to stop breathing, his mind is full of 怨气 (resentment) and he is blaming his children for some personal issues e.g. why they never do this or that, etc. Then this joker will curse the children, normally he will curse the children or descendants to have the same disease as him and die in the same way as him but at an early stage.

Again, like in the Angry Ghost story, people, who is in their last seconds of life, who says, wish, curse anything, these “wishes” do weigh a lot in terms of “evidence” and thus the energy will go along with the “wishes”. In this instance, the Ancestor’s wish become a 毒咒 poisonous curse.

Subsequently, normally from the eldest to youngest in sequence, the children of the Joker will somehow suffer the same fate and pass on at an early stage than the joker. After the majority of children passes away, the curse will then goes down to the grandchildren with the same sequence and so on….

Put a dummy example: Lets say this joker dies of kidney failure. He then put a curse on the descendants (normally the children) with a reason that he wants them to faster come meet him in the nether world. This becomes what is known as Ancestor’s Curse. Then the Children (in sequence of seniority) of this joker will suffer similar kidney failures and pass on. Lets say this joker has 10 children. Let’s say it may take 2 to 3 years to destroy a person, so for the 7th to the 10th children, it may take about 20 to 30 years before it hits them. By then they may be old and presumed that this is a family inheritance disease instead of Ancestor’s Curse. Then after that, the grandchildren of the joker start to enjoy these privileges.

Thus it is very difficult for a normal family to pick up that there is Ancestor’s Curse as they might deem this as a kind of Family inheritance disease. Some may even think that it is the ancestors’ graveyard feng shui that is affecting all these disease.

So then how a Yin Feng Shui practitioner diagnoses this curse and how do they interfere and settle it?

This Yin Fellow has to ask the client (who required his service) to show him the family photograph. Best if the photograph includes the dead siblings and also the dead ancestors (as far as possible). Then this Yin guy has to go and visit cemeteries of all these dead siblings and ancestors to trace if there is any similar patterns that are very suggestive of a strong curse from the Ancestor(s). Not going to write how to trace these patterns as these are our Yin trade secrets and can only be passed down to another Yin fellow one. Pai sei ah….

After confirmation that there is an Ancestor’s curse, the Yin fellow have to divert this curse away to “nature”. How? Again, it is a trade secret but I can share with you the essence of the procedure.

The Yin fellow has to perform what is known as Mao Shan Yin Feng Shui.

The ingredients he need is:

  1. T-bits
  2. Coke
  3. Egg whites
  4. A straw person figuring, 草人, and
  5. A tree

What this Yin fellow will do is to somehow create another set of the same bazi of the eldest living sibling and put it in the straw person. Let’s say now the children die until left the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th children, the eldest living will be the 7th child. With the cloned set of bazi on the 7th child, the Yin fellow will then do some rituals to collectively combine the bazi of the 8th to 10th children and if kiasu the grandchildren also inclusive and “embraced” it into a tree. What this procedure means to transfer the curse from the living to the straw person (as the 7th child) and the tree (as the rest of the descendants). In other words, the Yin fellow is NOT DESTROYING the curse but only merely doing a transfer of the curse. Destroying the curse is a VERY dangerous thing to do. I think Tiffany can do it with her talent. ;P How dangerous? Very dangerous!!! Hahaha! Well, the curse can be transferred from clients to the Yin fellow if the Yin guy tries to destroy it.

Other non Mao Shan method includes booking urns and niches for the 7th to 10th children to “cheat death” while others do not celebrate their birthdays. Well, to be more kiasu, kiasi and kialang, the Mao Shan yin feng shui is still the best method in my opinion.

Well, if Tiffany handles this kind of situation, she will say “Hello, This one not my department, don’t come disturb me.” Hehehehehe!!!!! She will also use the same Mao Shan way of dealing this situation.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, saying HUAT AH, signing off….

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