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“During last 7th month, I met an old lady with white hair and very crumpled face at about 4am in the morning when I returned from attending a wake. She told me that she has no key to her home. I pray Om Mani Padme Hung for her and the next day, I burned her some incense paper and paper cloths. What is the significant of this? It wasn’t a dream. I was real encounter but I wasn’t afraid.”

Explanation of your encounter:

There are several reasons behind this encounter.

The first is, of course, she might be just an ordinary human and asking for help.

However, What if she is not a human…..

The facts in your post are that it was in the 7th month (I deem it to be the Hungry Ghost Festival), the time was 4am (considered to be in the Yin timing of a dawn) and you returned from attending a wake.

Normally after attending a wake, a person’s mind frequency will tend to become lower (due to being sober when in the wake) and if your mind frequency somehow gets connected with the spiritual dimension, you may encounter some paranormal activity, which in your case, you met with an old lady.

“She has no key to her home” may symbolize that she need direction – direction to either follow the person or to bring the person to her world.

“Follow the person” means to stay by his side and that will cause him to be unlucky in whatever things he does and a deterioration of health. In Chinese, we refer this as “step onto dirty things”. One way to solve this issue is to find a Ghostbuster and get rid of this “dirty thing”.

“Bring the person to her world” means that she will guide you to a place where we call it “Limbo world”. Once you stepped into this Limbo world (a region on the border of heaven or hell), there is no turning back. And in our physical world, you will be gone missing and we are unable to locate your body.

Great thing was that you prayed and somehow ignored her. This had saved you from being “followed by her” or “entering into a limbo world”.

Thanks for sharing your encounters.

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