Ailments – A spiritual problem?

Happy Monday everybody! My body is still aching after the 3km swim and a “long” walk on the sands.

Today’s story will address Chan’s question on the “Post a Question” on 12th May 2013 at 2.28pm.

The quote of the question is:

“Hi Master Fong. Is it true that ailments, eg. an 85-yr old suddenly could not walk , or an old couple kept being on loggerheads over prolonged time be due to so-called ”dirty things” in them or in the house? Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Thanks Chan for your question. And here it goes:

Well, Ailments can occur due to real physical factors such as health, illness, arguments, etc. I will not touch on this physical aspects as I am no expert in this area. In other words, I had an ambition of becoming a Doctor when I was young but ended up being an Accountant. Haha

Physical factors all aside. I will explain to you on the spiritual aspects of the factors that cause such ailments.

Will take the question’s 2 examples to illustrate.

For the first example whereby a person (can be of any age) suddenly could not walk, this can be due to “dirty things” residing in the person’s house. What happened here is that if there are spirits in the house, they will somehow affect the yang qi and especially the yuan qi 元气 of the person. With this Qi(s) being disrupted by the dirty things, the person will get very weak physically and leads to body part(s) being malfunction like in this case this person suddenly cannot walk.

Another reason in terms of spiritual is due to direct attack to this person using Mao Shan or Black Magic.

One way to somehow detect that this is due to dirty things is when this person goes to the hospital to seek medical treatment(s), doctors are unable to diagnose what is the cause of the ailment. The fastest and easiest way to link the ailments to spiritual factors is to find a Yin practitioner or a priest.

For the second example whereby an old couple kept being on loggerheads over prolonged time – If its due to dirty things being reside in their house, the mechanics will go like this… Whenever there are spiritual beings (“dirty things”) residing in the house and these spirituals are not related to the humans in the house, they will cause the atmosphere in the house to be very tense and frustrating. Let’s say you and me (“we”) stay in the “haunted” house, we will feel very pek chek (frustrated) whenever we are in the house and often a times we will pick up a fight or arguments between each other. This is due to our frequency of mind is being affected by these spirits (can be unintentional). Usually, our mind frequency is high and our bodies are used to this high frequency. With this spiritual frequency that suddenly decreases our mind frequency, our bodies cannot get adjusted to it at a short time. Thus the body wants to increase the mind frequency by supplying feeling of tension to the mind. When the mind receives this signal, it interprets the signals as frustration and then you and me will argue and argue and fight – I sure lose one cos I “pai kar” cannot run

One way to roughly indicate if there is spiritual interferences, if you are the victim, you somehow may feel that the house is “unclean”; if you are a third party now seeing your friend and his spouse suddenly fight over a trivial matter, try to compare the past and present – In other words, will they like this (fighting) in the past…

Again, in order to specifically push the blame to the dirty things, you may seek expert help from a yin practitioner or priest.

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Please stay tuned for more stories. Maybe tomorrow may not have story as I am going to fall sick and may need rest.

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