After performing Yin Feng Shui

Happy Monday Everyone.

Today’s story will touch on what happens to a Yin Feng Shui practitioner after performing a Yin Feng Shui service. In other words, what rituals does the Yin practitioner have to do after performing these services.

Well lets begin with a normal person – for a close relatives (e.g. children, siblings, etc.) of a newly deceased, they have to observe a period of mourning that normally lasts for 100 days. During this 100 days of observation (mourning), they cannot attend other Yang ceremonies such as wedding, baby shower, happy chinese new year, etc. because by doing so, the Yang will “langgar” (crash) with the Yin and gives back luck to e.g. the wedding couple, the new born, the chinese during CNY, etc.

Why is this so? This is because the close relatives of the deceased are going through a low morale period and thus the Yin forces / energies are surrounding them. If they attend a very Yang energy sort of ceremonies, either the Yang impact the Yin or vice versa. Worst case is both langgar each other and both gets into trouble.

Similarly, the Yin practitioner after performing the yin service also undergo a short period of Yin period – normally lasts from immediate to seven days. Thus, this Yin fellow cannot perform Yang feng shui like house visiting, house and commercial feng shui, storytelling, eat breakfast, etc. Same logic of both Yin and Yang “langgaring” each other applies to the Yin fellow.

So how does this Yin fellow speed up and back to a normal human being? Well, this Yin fellow is a normal human being anyway just that after the yin service, he is surrounded by the yin forces. There are many methods to do.

What I personally like to do most after this yin services is sleeping. Yin services here refer to performing yin stuff that deals with deceased e.g. going through the cremation or burial services, digging up the coffin from the grave (exhumation), etc. Well, normally for a Yin fellow, after performing this kind of yin service, this yin fellow will feel exhausted, weak and at times may fall sick for a short period. This is also the same case for undertakers. So sleeping is the best remedy to recuperate the yang energy that had lost during the process of the yin services.

If I after performing those stunts, never fall sick, I would do some exercise especially swimming. Here, swimming is associated with water and leads to associating with cleansing. Thus, I will swim in the day where there is sun that is the main good source of Yang energy. Hmmm, if you do sun tanning after performing Yin feng shui, you may melt and suffer from another BIG langgar of Yin and the Yang. So swimming is a good way to balance the Yin and the Yang. When the Yin fellow enters into the pool of water (a good source of Yin energy) and you swim – move your physical body in the water, you are slowly training your body back to Yang while in the Yin area (Pool). Then the sun will help you to adjust your body back to the Yang state while in the pool. Duration to be in the pool, I would recommend, is an hour.

Again, being emotionless while performing Yin services is also a form of defense against from letting the Yin fellow to fall into deeper level of “obersvation (mourning) period”. We have to always bear this in mind – Too much Yin energy in the body damages the body and mind. So not everyone is fit to be a Yin practitioner. And an advice to everyone, don’t suka suka happy happy go to columbarium, burial grounds, etc. (the Yin places) too often.

Hmmm…. Guess like I am going to swim for many hours soon as I just performed a Yin service to a friend, today an aunt just passed on and I am also observing a mourning for the 5th anniversary (period) of the demise of my beloved Yin partner. It’s never easy. Just stay happy and cheerful while accepting that all these are just another journey in life.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, observing a minute of silence to my aunt, friend and partner, signing off.

*********************sign off*********************