A Special Mother’s Day Gift – Part 2

The Patient’s initial is JK. Full name is not disclosed here due to confidentiality.

Normally, once diagnosed the patient with “Black Magic”, my usual practice is to locate the source of the Black Magic as in who is the person initiates the charm and where does this charm come from and also the reason behind the saga.

To my surprise, this is one of the less common kind of black magic or charm. It is being casted some 2 decades ago. What happens here is that this charm is like a TIME BOMB that had been casted by the Black Magician about 18 years ago but the cast was being set to only take effect after 18 years. This is an ancient kind of black magic that worked like a time bomb. Let’s say that I am a black magician – I don’t like you and want to put a charm onto you. While I know that you are now climbing to your peak form, I do not want to “harm” you. I estimate that you will reach your peak in 2 years time, so I put a “time bomb” charm onto you so that in 2 years time while you are enjoying your peak luck cycle, this time bomb just activate itself and there goes you.

The origin of this above said charm is from a Asian country. I will not disclose this country due to sensitivity and this country is currently not so common to practice black magic.

Why was this charm being casted onto the then baby boy that now (in 2005) becomes a soldier?

I was able to trace the description of the lady (about 18 years ago) who initiates the casting this charm. After confirmation with the patient’s mother, it just strikes the mum’s mind and immediately she confirmed that my description of the lady was the patient’s father’s mistress or third party and if I can recall, the mistress also belongs to the country where the source of this charm is.

The purpose of confirmation of the lady (i.e. “identification parade”) is to satisfy myself of my accuracy that it was not the wrong doings of the patient and his mum (that caused this charm) and there are no valid reasons or grounds that I should not be assisting the patient.

The reason of the mistress in casting this time bomb is because she wants to spoil the entire family of the man’s (the patient’s father) so that the man will not return back to his family when the then baby becomes a man in 18 years time. With the patient to be in such a state, the father (higher percentage) will not return to this family and take the burden to care for the comatose son.

The tedious part is here. How do I remedy or lift this charm?

Well, for normal case, those that kenna black magic very simple one. Spiritually, a Yin practitioner will “confront” the black magician and tell the black magician to stop further attacks and also to remedy the effect. If the black magician refuses, the yin fellow will wage a war with the magician. Normally, black magician will not refuse due to beneficial reasons due to a simple reason. They will not fight for a client (tree) with the risk of sacrificing his big pool of clients (jungle). Imagine if he gets hurt in the war, his rice bowl will also be affected.

Now, I have left with a “breathing corpse” in a comatose state with a Time Bomb just activated and the black magician is left untraceable – it could be due to the black magician had passed away.

In this case, I had to “reverse engineer” the effect of the time bomb. What I did (in spiritual manner) was I slowly cleared or pulled out the effect of the charm that already hit the patient and fix and patch back all the effects back to the “Time Bomb” as if it had never been exploded or activated. Sounds easy but it is complicated. I was glad that I manage to successfully reverse engineered the Time Bomb to its original state and throw it to the other patient next to him throw it back to nature and let the time bomb explodes in nature without any harm to any one.

The condition of the patient was already very bad. I explained to the mum that I had already settled what I could in terms of the spiritual aspects. As for the recovery of the patient, I was not sure of the time frame and also wasn’t confident that he can ever wake up not. After explanation, I did try to adjust the yuan qi 元气 of the patient and hopefully he is able to come back again.

Then I bided farewell to Martin Thoo thinking that it was the first and final time I would see him. Of course, lunch time ma, I proceed on to celebrate the Mother’s Day with my Godmum on her account. Hehehehehehehehehe!!! What a Godson!!! Congrats!!!! I am happy.

While makaning, Godmum received a phone call saying that the patient had opened his eyes.

That was the MOST wonderful and special Mother Day’s Gift that Martin Thoo, Godmum and myself ever given to a Mother.

As at date, I heard from sources (from clients whom the patient’s mum referred them to me) and also from Martin Thoo, the patient is now back to normal activities and is living independently. We are very happy for him.

A GOOD BUDDY – Martin Thoo!!!!!!!!!!

This story is dedicated to my Godmum, Evelyn Ng and also Martin Thoo. This story will not be possible without the both of you.

Well, save the tears of being touched and quickly treat me to a meal!!!!! HUNGRY AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As at now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, thinking of places to makan, signing off….

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