A special Mother’s Day Gift – Part 1

This story is based on my real case that I had handled some eight years. And that was the time my Godmum, Evelyn Ng, brought me to know Martin Thoo (as shown in the photo below)…. Well, our (Martin Thoo and me) relationship started since then. Yucks!!!! Pui Pui Pui…… ;-P

It was just a usual Mother’s Day in May 2005 and I was enjoying my early 20s. Then suddenly, I received a call from my Godmum. I thought I was going to have a nice lunch with her to celebrate Mother Days!!!! Superb excited upon receiving her call. Yummy!!!!!

It ended up that I was overly 自作多情 (deceiving myself in a sentimental way). I was kenna ARROWED to work on a Mother’s Day.

Feeling extremely depressed, I hear the story from my Godmum. Here it goes….

A brief history of my Godmum at that time – She was attending a metaphysics class then. In the class, she was being alerted to a case that a student from an earlier batch (class) has a man (soldier) who had just suddenly collapsed and went into comatose. There is no medical explanation to this comatose that might (at a very high percentage) lead to death and thus the family suspected “foul play” in terms of spiritual aspect.

Well, Godmum explained to me about this case and also highlighted to me that it is the Army officer (the above said student from the earlier batch) who is requesting for my service and not the family. This also meant to me that I am performing this defusing of “foul play” without any consideration in return – be it monetary or any benefits in kind. What a Mother’s Day!!!

Yup, I agreed to see to this case. At the back of my mind, my agenda was not to see the comatose patient but instead, I want to see who this Army Officer is. I never come across an Army Officer so keipo, busybody, never mind his own business, go into his man’s personal life, go meet the family, highlight this case to the lecturer, and offer help and assistance to his man caring, thoughtful and nice and even went beyond his usual duty and extend a helping hand to his soldier.

That time, I still have no personal transport. Godmum fetched me from home and we headed to TTSH. There, this Army Officer approached me looking down on me (because he is much taller than me la) and greeted me. He introduced himself as Captain Martin, something like Captain America like that.

My first impression is Wah!!! I look at him ah, I wanna give him an attitude adjustment, see him left side want to beat him right side and see him right side want to slap him left side Wow!!! This guy is cool man, honest, fit and stern. In his mind, he should be assessing me, thinking hmmm… can this fatty joker so young can come solve my man’s problem meh?? Don’t think I don’t know ah my dear! Can tell it from the look in your eyes. And I also have to admit that then you had this 杀气 in your eyes which is very good.

My dear Martin, I am now writing our first meeting story and so I have to tell you the truth here. You never know this. When the first time, I shook hands with you, I was assessing you on your character by touching the bones of your palm. The rationale of the assessment is to satisfy myself that the “foul play” is not from you or your (army’s) side. And also to assess if it is worthwhile to attend to your man. In other words, I am afraid that if I did attend to your man, you will turn to his family and asks (extort) any financial benefits or in kind from them.

This is what a Yin practitioner normally does. Because the case is being referred to me by a third party not related to the family in any way, due diligence has to done to check if this third party will make use of you as a Yin practitioner for his own personal gain(s) and benefit(s).

It ended up that since then, I had been extorting meals over meals from you. Hehehehehehehehe!!!!!

After my due diligence check, I agreed to attend to the patient. This means either Martin has passed my assessment or my criteria for him to pass my assessment are too low. Hehehehehe!!!

Access to the patient is very restrictive. Well, a good Army Officer with a talented skill set of Art of War for Dating is really talented. He tactically camouflaged me and disguised me as the patient’s cousin or brother or something like that so that I can also have access to the patient. Well done!!! What a tactical movement!!!!! Also very YIN!!!!!

That patient was lying very motionlessly and he looked like a breathing corpse to me. Like I always do, I held on his left hand and access him to see if there is any spiritual involvement, and if so, what is the source and the reason(s) why he was being casted.

OH MY GOD!!!!!! This is an extraordinary case!!!!!! As till date, his case was still the very first type of black magic case I had attended to. It requires my out of scope expertise to help him out. It was a TIME BOMB!!!!!!

REALLY OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! I have finished up my T-bits while writing till here. I may have to stop here as not enough T-bits as my fuel for the night and to be continued tomorrow…… Stay tuned.

Well, the true reason is because this story involves 2 persons, my Godmum and Martin, I need to break this story into 2 parts so I can the basis to have both individual mutually exclusive treats from both of them respectively. In other words, 2 parts of story = 2 meals…..

Please stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!!!!!

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, digging his pocket money to go buy T-bits, signing off…..

****************************sign off*********************************